A Leap of Faith, a Podcast, and a Twitter Party

My favorite part of being a woman in business?

Realizing that my mistakes and fears are nothing more than an opportunity to overcome... it changes my whole approach to business. My favorite quote from my awesome conversation with Celeste Hilling (Yes, our upcoming podcast guest!)


Sometimes we simply need to be reminded, although we know, but how often do we really take the time to realize that the shift and momentum that we needed came from a moment of failure or even fear...and yet we strive to avoid these situations like the plague.

And of course I am speaking to myself as I say this, but failure can be our closest ally, if we are determined. I did not discover myself until I was faced with the reality that my whole approach to business would have to shift...and by that I mean a complete and total shift. I went from believing I could do it all, to juggling business and a newborn, and suddenly I felt as if I was incapable of handling the pressure, of balancing it all.

A few months later, Afro-Chic Mompreneur launched.

Jeff Sheldon, Unsplash

I reflected on my failure, and propelled myself forward with my fear, understanding that I was not alone... connecting with, working with, and learning with women became my passion, my business, my life.

Thinking about my journey was amazing today, it allowed me to be grateful and aware, but hearing other women sharing their very similar stories as well was not how I expected today to end, and yet that is what I found on my first night on the #fireworkpeople Twitter Party.

But I wanted to continue the conversation, with you, my growing community, my inspiration, and friends, How have your failures shaped you into the business woman you are today?

Starting a business is exciting, but challenging, Nancy Laws, is passionate about helping women launch, manage, and grow their businesses. To learn more about Nancy and the Chic Mompreneur team, visit them NOW!

Follow her on Twitter @Chicmompreneur

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