A Lesson in Loving Some Ones Rather Than Some Things, Thanks to Harvey

A Lesson in Loving Some Ones Rather Than Some Things, Thanks to Harvey
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I was gifted a gorgeous fancy designer purse and more on my birthday a couple years back. From an arranged relationship via my brother, Andy, the producer of the Courting Kay campaign. It stuck. Well, we did for awhile. He had more to offer than the over the top birthday surprise packages, thankfully. I like stuff well enough, I like people more. Some people. And I really liked this purse.

Fast forward some time. Chapter over. He is no longer in the story. The Things remain. I added too much weight to the purse: little pouches of almonds, protein bars, a supersized Pink Lady, leather dog leash, lotions and potions. It just couldn't take the burden I imposed upon its swank Label any longer. The hinge buckle broke from the burden I added, that last bottle of Pellegrino. I sent it off to the design team Repair-It-place, to Florida last August. She came back in November all fixed up. I am not certain why the repair was 3 plus months in the making. The repair folks held a Queen's ransom to collect her. Thieves.

I am so glad to have her back. I am careful this time not to over burden her with my Stuff (even though I need it all by the way). I have made a conscious choice to delete heavy items.

Dammit, the buckle just broke again. I have spoken ambitiously and much too soon. Less than three months, she lasted. I am not forking over my children's college fund to repair this bag. This purse is Going to make an F in on-a-budget comeback. I decide to take her to the Finks Luggage guy that repaired my cowboy boot zippers. Not sure why I think that my zipper luggage man can fix my purse, but I have been blessed with intuition and faith on this one. Rolling the dice, I take my bag in and the older -- from another cooler era (the 1940s I am guessing) -- gentleman says, I will have it to you next week. My hero examines the un-hinge. He asks what I paid for the previous shoddy quality repair (that he must undo to properly tend to my purse). I hesitate for a long moment namely due to the sheer embarrassment that has spread to my cheeks for the funds I forked over and also because I don't want to be scammed into paying another ransom to retrieve it.

Regardless of the shame I am feeling for paying such dividends to get my bag out of the broken hinge hospital wing, I tell this man the truth. Pretty certain he would know if I chose to lie. He says, get your money back, Kay. That was not right of them to keep your bag for months, charge you such fees and offer such poor quality repair. He takes another moment to show me the mistakes of the design team's after thought efforts.

Six days later, I receive the notice my purse is good as new. Luggage zipper bag repair Guy hands me my purse, good as new and a bill for $20.

One week, really less than a week and One Andrew Jackson and she is back to mamma. I ask the repair guru his name. Harvey. For James Stewart's six foot, three and a half inch tall, best friend-pooka named Harvey, an invisible rabbit, in the movie, titled, Harvey. I like this man. A lot . An absurd and charming character all wrapped up into a delightful package named Harvey.

I thank Harvey the Person named for a tall rabbit and share with him that I love my purse and I am so glad he could fix it. For $20. In less than a week. He says, Kay, love Some One not Some Thing. Harvey continues , Kay, when you say you Love Something it dilutes your words when you say you love Some One. Mean it when you say these words. Only use Love for People.

I appreciate this reset on use of the word, Love. My over use of this word. I love my favorite foods, Shalimar perfume, cashmere, foot massage, naps, my pillows and so much more. Hmm, I mean I really am grateful for these Things that comfort my life and elevate me each in their own manner. I Love my people: My children, my friends, my man, my dog and a just budding love for Harvey. People like Harvey, that show up and teach us something if we pay attention and listen up. I am planning to be more aware of my use of this word in regards to Things. More levity reserved for the declarations to my people.

I am grateful for the visit to Finks Luggage. My destination for repairs. I heard Harvey's wisdom and I am altered. The rusty hinge in me repaired with the notice to keep the wasteful use of the word Love in check.

Thank you Harvey for Lifting me up. For elevating my perspective on Loving. And thanks for repairing my bag. If it weren't for the Thieves and the double Hinge repair I would not have met Harvey. Such luck.

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