A Letter to My Person

To My Person:

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang may have introduced the term "my person" to us on Grey's Anatomy, but let's face it. We probably were the ones it was based on, or at least that's what we can tell ourselves. It may seem odd to have so much left unsaid in our friendship since I often inform you after every time I sneeze, but I have a world of things to say to you that you must know.

Your friendship is one of the single most important relationships in my life. It goes way beyond a few laughs and shopping trips. It's the life vest when I am drowning in pain and the anchor when I need to be brought back down to reality. It's the built-in cheerleader when I am being brave and trying something new, and it's also the brush to dust me off when that bravery doesn't go well the first time. It's the much needed dose of honesty from the one person whose opinion I know is only filled with love, never laced with jealousy. It's one of the rare constants in my life full of blind turns. I never doubt whether or not you'll be there; it's a given.

Your friendship has been the elusive truth that some people can be trusted. You've sat and listened to my salacious adventures and darkest, most heartbreaking stories, but never once has it been fodder for you to take into conversation with others. You care about protecting my dreams and my heart more than one could ask of a friend. Because of that, I find myself running to you first because knowing my heart is safe with you is one of the most precious comforts in this world.

Your friendship is easy. It's never work to keep it going. We're too busy laughing, dancing, dreaming, or speaking in our own language to become wrapped up in drama. That's for amateurs. We're professionals at this friendship business. I don't have to dress up before visiting you. Sweats and a messy bun is the preferred attire because it's comfortable like us. Thank goodness it's comfortable because I finally have a friend who isn't afraid to tell me I have food all over my face or that my zipper has been down all day.

Your friendship is, by far, a gift of a lifetime. I feel completely and utterly indebted to you for the part you've played in my life, but what's even greater is that I know you'd say the same. What you do for me is exactly what I'd do for you, and that's what sets us apart. It's not a friendship of keeping score. We do for each other because we want to, never for something in return. There is not a day that goes by when I don't feel overwhelmingly grateful that you're on my side.

So, my person, thank you. Thank you for the millions of times you've shown up in my life and made it inexplicably better. Life was never made to travel through alone, and knowing that you're behind me through the good and the bad makes me infinitely less scared and exponentially happier.

You're my person.



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