A Letter to My Sisters

A Letter to My Sisters
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I wrote this blog to inspire women all over the world. The purpose of "A Letter To My Sisters" is to remind women that they are beautiful, smart, valuable, and that they are worthy. Women tend to celebrate others and forget to celebrate themselves. I thought it would be a great idea to have women from all walks of life write what they would say to their younger self and something amazing took place.

The women responded with gratitude because it gave them the opportunity to reflect and take a look within themselves. We must learn to love ourselves more and nurture our dreams, gifts, and talents. Women are the backbone of our nation, we are the true definition of resilience and beauty, and we make this world a better place. I've come to realize that many women devalued themselves as young women and over a course of time they realized how amazing they are. As women we face many trials, yet we manage to keep going and become stronger.

There may be a young woman reading this blog today believing that she isn't worthy. I say to you that you are worthy; you are worth achieving your dreams, traveling the country, falling in love, and raising a beautiful family. Encourage yourself when no one else is there to encourage you and believe in your ability to reach your greatest potential. It is an honor to share the letters I've received from women all over the world. I believe that this has changed some inner voices. Here are some of the letters that I received:

"Hello beautiful! Yes, you are beautiful. Beyond extraordinary you are a unique, talented, fabulous, uplifting and loving. Remind yourself of this every day. You will make many mistakes along the way; learn from them. Appreciate them and know that they are a part of your journey. Take every stone hurled your way, and use it to build your empire. Please never forget you are someone, you are worthy, and you are beautiful."

-- Ashley Martin

"If I could send my younger self a message, I would say, 'You are not fat!' You are smart, funny, beautiful and capable. The size of your waist or the number on the scale won't change that! I would also tell myself to be patient; you don't have to have what you want right then. Good things come to those that are patient."

-- Lesley W. Guzman

"Life is wonderful! You've been abundantly blessed, follow your heart it knows all. Don't be afraid of change, be inspired by all. Be grateful and care for others. Take care of your soul and enjoy the gift of life."

-- Caroline Hodge

"What would I tell my younger self? Good question! I would tell little Cindy (aka Cookie to my neighborhood and family) you have to be the best you, you can be in spite of your parents, your neighborhood or peers! Never let anyone or anything control you! Don't focus on the negativity. Always follow your dreams and never ever give up! Get to know God for yourself and know his voice. Let him guide you through the ups and downs in life."

-- Actress, Cindy Jefferson 52

"Don't be afraid to be yourself. You are beautiful -- inside and out, smart and capable of doing anything that you set your heart out to do. Don't let anyone tell you different. You are original, authentic, and there will never be another you. Continue to work hard, dream BIG and believe in yourself. All of your efforts will be worth it, just wait and see. Stand in your light and shine as bright as you possibly can. No one will be able to ignore those rays of sunshine!"

-- Bionca Drew

"Dear sweet Electra,

This is a note of encouragement from your 41-year-old self. I love you! Stop hustling your worthiness. You are not your achievements; you are so much more. Pay attention to what lights you up. Take more risks and believe in yourself like you believe in others. Wear the bikini! Every challenge and disappointment you face contains a valuable lesson. I wouldn't protect you from adversity, even if I could. Everything is happening for you... although it may not seem like it at the time. Be unapologetically, confidently you!"

-- Electra Ariail

"What would I say to my younger self? Elaine, you don't have to be like everybody else, you are beautiful, you are valuable, you are relevant. You don't have to compromise to get a man; the right man will wait and prepare for you and do the honorable thing. Living for Jesus is the best decision you will ever make and if you do that and make him Lord over your life; you will live in peace and joy."

-- Elaine Stewart Lucas

"I know you can't see this behind the tears you cry sitting alone under that big tree in the front yard. So that cute boy you like in school says 'You're ugly.' So you were picked on by the other kids because your socks don't match. So you need a tutor to help you with math because you don't get it. That wall you hide behind blocks your confidence, your ambitions, your dreams. Don't you know that you are God's child? You are HIS child. That means that you must let your light shine, through the good and the bad. Your smile is a gift that God gave you. Use it more.

There will be those that are for you, and those that are not. You can not please everyone, so don't let their words of rejection offend you. Smile kindly at them, and move on."

-- Marisa Garnier Tigney

"Young self, life is full of lessons and opportunities, but you will be your own worst enemy through the journey. There will be days where you will love, hate, encourage, disrespect, devalue, and criticize yourself. People and things will be taken away from you and you will have to learn to adapt because life goes on. Be assured that the self-doubt you carry will be the demise of your future unless you overcome it. In life you will have to learn to love and encourage yourself when nobody else will. God has a purpose for your life so live your life with purpose. Remember that every day you wake up you have the choice to make your future better than your past."


-- Older and Wiser, VonTija Dean-EL

"Dear Younger Me

You are responsible for your own life! The greatest two weapons that God has blessed you with can be the very two weapons by which you curse yourself! They are: your mouth and your mind-handle them with care! Every time you speak, you are prophesying your future as words create things! Lastly, dare to dream big...and watch God exceed that! "

-- Charity A. Washington

"Why are you in such a hurry to grow up? When you are older you'll wish you were young again. You are beautiful inside and out! You were not created to fit in, but to stand out. What if I told you that in ten years you would become a Wife, Mother, Singer/Song Writer, and Television & Radio Personality? You will one day become one of the most influential people in the world."

-- Emmanuella Young

"Young Gina,

I know you get scared of people leaving. I know you feel it most from your parents. You will realize later that your parents did the best they were capable of doing at the time. They were much too young to be parents and not fully equipped for that role. You are blessed sweetheart. God used your Grandparents to fill that void. Be thankful for them. Don't take seriously what messages you hear about not being smart enough. This part of you was not nurtured. You will be amazed at how much you have taught yourself over the years out of pure survival. You will use your life to inspire others through the gift of the written word. It will even be on the best sellers list! You will bring hope to our world by sharing your experiences freely. I see more books in your future."

-- Gina Lisa Meserole Quarles

"Dear Younger Self

You are beautiful, smart, and important. Never allow the opinions of others to change who you are. There will be hard times and there will be good times; regardless always look for the positive in every situation. Walk in confidence, live life to the fullest, and when times get tough know that it's okay to ask for help. You will do great things and inspire people all over the world. Be patient, stay focused, and trusts in the Lord; he will never fail."


Tenille Livingston

My prayer is that every woman in search of her purpose, finds it and helps other young women along the way. Generations will thank you for being obedient to the call on your life. I thank the women that took the time to respond to my request. Your letters have inspired me and I'm sure they will inspire others. Were you inspired by this blog post? If so, please leave a comment and share it with the women in your life.


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