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A Letter to My Unborn Child #BabyDries

I am pregnant; just finished my first trimester! I thought it appropriate to write Baby Dries a love letter from Mama in the form of some life lessons I've learned this past year and a half.
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I am pregnant; just finished my first trimester and Paul and I are thrilled! I thought it appropriate to write Baby Dries a love letter from Mama in the form of some life lessons I've learned this past year and a half.

1. You can't always make everyone happy but you can make the world a happier place.

Mama has gone through trial and triumph these last two years. The best of times included marrying Daddy and finding out about you; the worst of times included losing her family due to her choices to follow her dreams. Following dreams is an important part of this life, as you will soon discover, and it will always be worth the pain and pleasure of that pursuit.

When Mommy and Daddy had their big party in August, 2012 to celebrate their love together with their family and friends, Mommy's parents and siblings were still not happy with her decision to pursue a career outside her family's business, or her decision to marry someone not approved by the family. But, Mommy and Daddy still celebrated that day, danced the night away, and their friends and other family members surrounded them with love. Many of Mommy's friends were encouraged to pursue their own dreams and went on to do so. The live music and dancing of that night is still a topic of many conversations -- so many were made happier by the love between your Mommy and Daddy. Always go after the things your heart knows you are supposed to and you will not only make yourself happier, but you'll make the world a happier place.

2. You have a destiny and Daddy and I are so excited to watch you discover that destiny.

Don't ever lose sight of the fact that you have a destiny. You may not always have the approval of everyone around you to pursue something that you know in your heart to be right; pursue it anyway. God has a vision for your life and a purpose for your space in this world. Daddy and I will not always understand or agree with you, but we want you to always pursue what you know in your heart is your divine path. We will support you in all you do and we are already proud of you, just with your very existence in our world.

In this last year and a half, Mommy has had many people who have helped her discover and fulfill her destiny, and now she is living a fulfilling and successful personal and business life. You'll hear Daddy and Mommy's story someday, and now we are even more in love than ever before. Daddy's and Mommy's jobs are both things they love to do and even though Mommy's family is still angry with her, Mommy knows that her destiny is what she pursued and it is worth it. Daddy's family's love and support, and all the support of friends and family have sustained Mommy through these tough times -- God put those people there time after time to help Mommy through this last year and a half. And, now that Mommy is on the other side, she can see clearly it was in pursuing her destiny that she found her life's fulfillment -- true friends and family, the love of her life, the career of her dreams, and now -- best of all -- you!

I look forward to watching you fulfill your destiny, precious child.

3. Love always wins and Daddy and I will always love you.

Mommy and Daddy have had quite the roller coaster trip of love during their lives and, in the end, they found each other again because love always wins. We've dreamt of you for so long and now you are here, a product of our love. We pursued each other with a passion, and we will always pour our love into you, Baby Dries. This world and love will give you hurt and pain, struggle and triumph, but, in the end, you will see love always wins. When you are having a fight with a friend, a struggle with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or when you fall down as a toddler or adult, always remember, Love will win and pick you up.

4. The world is a scary place but God will protect you, always, even in your darkest hour.

In the beginning you might be scared of the dark, or of things you don't know; you might be scared of a variety of things in your life. In those times when you are scared, remember you have access to a God who will protect you and keep you safe. Mommy and Daddy will always be vigilant in keeping you safe and we will always pray for you, every day. Sometimes, honey, it takes these tough, scary times, when you might feel alone and like you can't get out of the scary mess, for you to see the full strength, power, and protective nature of those who love you the most -- us and your Father in Heaven.

See, Baby Dries, this last year Mommy faced some of these very kinds of times and is speaking to you from experience. Every time Mommy felt like world was going to collapse on top of her, God came through.

5. God's timing is always right; never doubt that.

This year and a half has brought events and circumstances and people together in such time-sensitive moments, at exactly the right time, to help Mommy and give Mommy and Daddy the most beautiful results.

6. Do what you love for work.

You have been born with wonderful talents, individual to you and your needs and desires. Follow whatever path those talents take you on and chase them. There is a certain passion and purpose you are given when you work in a capacity that allows you to utilize the gifts that God gave you.

Many years ago, Mommy knew she was good at being with people and getting out good news about people. When she started in the public relations field, she realized that she had a huge talent and could make money doing just that in the business world. Though some people told her you can't make enough money doing that as a career, Mommy found a way to do so, opened her own bank account (despite push back from others around her) and started tracking how much money she was making. It turned out that one of the clients that was paying Mommy for her skill set in public relations is the same client that hired her on full time and now Mommy has the best job of her life. She does what she loves, is appreciated fully for it, and gets paid well.

Well, there are many more life lessons Daddy and I can't wait to share with you, Mommy will continue writing these letters to you until you are born, and even afterwards, Baby Dries.