To The Conglomerate And Black Lives Matter Movement


To Whom it may concern;

I write to you as a mother, a grandmother and women of color representing a chosen generation of people who needs to set the record clear using the word We.

We as a people of color NEVER said, only Black Lives Matter, that was the media. In truth, We as a people of color know that All Lives Matter.

It is important for you to know the difference, We as children of God, need your help, for our hope in a better world seems to be in danger.

So when We as a people of color raise our fist--It is not to say, We are better than other races of people. We as a people of color raise our fist to uplift our brothers and sisters who have been degraded for hundreds of years as a race of Black People TAKEN without our will,  from our home known as the Motherland of Africa.

See, for the racial prejudice person (s) who has never felt degraded or the pain or trauma of history, they will never understand the lost stories of slavery that has led us to this Black Lives Matter Movement such as:

1.Being raped repeatedly by their master
2.Or witnessing hideous lynchings of Black men, and women
3.Or having their children taken away, right out of their arms-- to never see their babies again

We as a people of color cannot make you understand our pain. YES! All Lives Matter, YET! all lives do not share or have the Black American Slavery his-tory of hundreds and hundreds of years of killings.

The question for those who feel it is just about All Lives Matter-- do you understand the importance of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement in the United States whose goals were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Constitution and federal law?

Now it's 2016,what has change?

It is time to UNDERSTAND that the Black Lives Matter Movement is not about HATE. We as a people of color understand that LOVE is from God and it comes naturally... Hate is Learned.

We as a people of color, and a society of hope and freedom, just want the killings to STOP & JUSTICE to be served to those that have caused harm.

I am fortunate to have a melting pot of diversity in my family, so I write this post with an open mind that the COLOR of Ones SKIN is not the issues.

I welcome your thoughts and or comments

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