A Letter To The Parents Of Transgender Kids

Parental support in any child's life is key. But what do you do when your parents turn their backs on you, all because you want to be happy?

Five trans guys present a powerful message through "A Letter To The Parents Of Transgender Kids". The video featuring Cameron Russo, Hunter Klugkist, Christopher Rhodes, Sam Collins and Jett Taylor is directed towards the parents who are not supportive of their child's transition.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, family rejection of transgender youth can lead to change in behavior that puts their health at risk, can trigger depression and other mental health problems and can result in homelessness and suicide.

Family support can be the difference between life and death. Would you rather see your child happy or dead? For parents struggling there are many resources available to help you understand. A few helpful sites are PFLAG, Gender Spectrum and Human Rights Campaign.