A Letter To The Single Girl At The Bar

Yes society, a lot of us females are still single and that is not a bad thing.

Valentine’s day is a day away, we all know what that means for a lot of us single ladies, the question of, or more so statement, “what, you’re still single?” Yes society, a lot of us females are still single and that is not a bad thing. Though a lot of us are still single, we may think that we are the only single humans on the planet because around us we see couples in every corner, and this week we are going to feel especially lonely while we drown ourselves in wine and pizza. But I want to remind you that you aren’t wrong, society is wrong, because marriage is not an accomplishment, nor a mandatory goal. All those taken/married ladies, hear me out before you block me from twitter.

Dating and marriage has evolved in the past few decades. We have gone from a voluntary love society to an obligatory love society. Society sees young females that are single, as someone who is “weird” or has some sort of issue or problem. In order to scurry away from this label of society, we search for someone, and that may just be the problem. We are searching for someone to remove this label from us instead of us removing the label from ourselves. We forget about us, in pursuit of finding someone else to conform with society.

I want to take this time to remind you, the single girl at the bar during Valentine’s day that society is not what matters, it is YOU that matters. Society has not yet assimilated with that fact that marriage is not a mandatory goal, it’s not an accomplishment, it is an option, an elective. You don’t need brains, a degree, to get married, you need a willing partner, and quite frankly sometimes that is hard to find, and it seems more difficult for an independent ambitious young woman. Not only that but society has not fully accepted that not all women put marriage as one of their top things in life to do, many women put careers first. Society is not ready for independent ambitious women but that’s okay because you don’t have to go with society, society goes with you. Don’t get me wrong, I think I speak for most women when I say most of us want to get married in a gorgeous white dress but sometimes that isn’t top priority in our life plan.

So, ladies, this Valentine’s day I want to tell you one thing, YOU DO YOU. Marriage is not something we MUST do or plan, nor an accomplishment. Pursue your career, hobbies, travel, change the world, forget about society, do what YOU love. Get out of the bar and go change lives.

Yours truly,

The ambitious single girl