A Litany of Lament

Hear the world, O God. Uncover your ears and know your people's anguish.

Do not hide yourself from the cries for relief, from the noises of war.

The world is distraught, O God. People and nations live in fear, and creation echoes their trembling.

Do not hide yourself from the lament across colleges and in the West Bank, from the wailing and the protesting.

Day by day brings news of crisis, news of pain, news of waste, news of violence. Have you not seen and heard the news, O God?

Do not hide yourself from the tears in Paris and Calais, from the devastation of death.

Let God hear and be stirred from sleep. Let us hear and be driven from complacency.

Do not hide yourself from the women in Japan, from the women in Beirut, from the daughters and sisters endangered by the world's agitation.

Attend to those who need you most, O God. Our prayers will not cease while we watch for justice; we pour them out continuously into the pool of the world's tears.

Litany of Lament cross-posted from rachelhackenberg.com