A Love Letter Instead of Fear

A Love Letter Instead of Fear
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Dear Ones,

You are BELOVED.
Parisians and Pakistanis.
Refugees and Racists.
Christians and Muslims.
Politicians and Peacekeepers.

You are BELOVED.
Bigots and Activists.
Queer and Cis.
Black and White.
Young and Wrinkly.

You are BELOVED.
News Reporters and Nigerians.
Americans and Iraqis.
Syrians and Israelis.

You are BELOVED.
The terrorized and the terrorist.
Because ALL OF YOU; ALL OF US, bear our Creator's image.
And every life is precious.


And as a follower of Christ, I refuse to place my hope in the powers and principalities of this world. I refuse to demonize others for a false sense of safety. I may hate what you do, but I refuse to hate you. Because I believe in a God who showed us that real power looks like radical, vulnerable, arms-spread-wide-bleeding love.

So crucify me, if you must. With your words and thoughts and hatred and fear.

But by the grace of God and in the name of Jesus I'll still choose to love you.

And on days when I can't; or on days when I fail; know that the One who brought you into this universe STILL calls you BELOVED. And THAT love is so damn persistent and stubborn, it will never let you go.

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