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A Love Letter to My Sisters

Look above you into the sky and recognize the expansive majesty and mysteries of how great an opportunity to be on this rock floating in space. Recognize the universe and your part in it. It is beyond miraculous.
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You are the precious child of something greater than the human mind holds ability to comprehend. You are the mother of all. You are the child of an ancestral line far too many of us have lost connection with. Shades of brown, yellow, red, olive, peach or pale -- we are sisters, you are my sister. I believe until we realize our sisterhood to all it is impossible to truly know ourselves singularly. Women have a history in a social structure as unequal yet we hear the call deep within our being, knowing the power we hold within our touch, within our minds' eyes -- within our love. We have the ability to stir emotions so deep and powerful they cause the pulse to quicken or calm.

Women have been uniquely designed by the source of creation to give birth to beating hearts that give home to the soul. We are the mothers of our planet. We are conduits of healing and through the receiving of that healing we have the potential to teach and pass it on to the next. We understand what healing truly is: not a quick fix, but an experience of wholeness.

When we accept the bodies we live in as the magnificent temples they are, however scarred from battle or wounded from grief and pains they may be, we open up within a portal of light that beams more brightly than the brightest star, when we understand who and what we are.

It pains me to see my fellow sister beat herself down because of her dress size, an insecurity of not realizing her true beauty or misunderstanding of her vast worth. Even the most beautifully adorned too often see imperfections instead of the goddess. The word "goddess" means "a woman who is adored." Yet we are all too often hyper-vigilant of what we feel we lack. To not be in the realm of self-love is a space of unknowing. It is an energetic pocket seething with lies. It is in this place we are out of alignment with the truth and make choices that lead us out of integrity. Let our goal be to leave reminders of who we are so we may not stay long when we enter into those moments of unknowing. Let us be vulnerable enough to go to a trusted sister and ask for a reminder. Let us love one another with grace.

Loving (ourselves) authentically is perhaps the greatest of challenges. I ask you to look at yourself through the same eyes of love you have for those you hold most dear. Give yourself a break. We are often the most difficult critical with ourselves, aren't we? Today, take the time to embrace what those who truly love and appreciate you experience when they look into your eyes, into your gaze. Take great care of your temple by nourishing it -- today, not once you lose that extra inch -- today. Love it today. Be mindful, in the moment, with awareness that this body is temporal but the spirit eternal. Mother yourself. Nurture your spirit. Breathe in gentleness and allow it to saturate your being. Know that each choice you make and life you touch literally changes eternity. Begin with your own.

Our sexuality is a topic deserving of its own message, but for now I will say embrace your sensual spirit. Do not abuse your own body or allow another to, for the body and spirit as we know are undeniably intertwined. Sex alone is a wondrous pleasure, yet women (and men) who know the power of joining spirit with sex give rise to an experience that transcends earthly and physical understanding. The enlightenment that can come from the sharing and embracing of our sexuality in spirit is beyond words. May we all take the care to entrust our souls and temples only with those who also know and practice this as truth. The world exploits a woman's sexuality, but we have the power to direct our own personal energies and claim our power. Standing in our power, we give rise to truth and lower level energies may not reside near us. In this we instantly and effortlessly stand apart from the norm. We set standards for all those we come into contact with. We give the gift to our young sister to know she is a jewel to be adored, not a trinket to be tossed amongst others trivially.

Today, sister, I ask you to sit in silence, let all thoughts and the minutia of daily living go -- remember who you are. Give way for the inner voice to whisper its own love letter to your soul. Remember the little girl who still resides within, let her come out and play. When we do, it's amazing what she can remind us of and re-teach us. Offer gratitude to the ancestral line of mothers who have come before giving us life. Feel your feet firmly planted on the earth and imagine the deep roots of the tree of life. Imagine how deep the roots intertwine far below, embedded in rich, nurturing soil that provides enduring strength... and when needed, remember to find shelter within its shade and branches. Remember. We know so much, often it is a matter of remembering versus learning.

Look above you into the sky and recognize the expansive majesty and mysteries of how great an opportunity to be on this rock floating in space. Recognize the universe and your part in it. It is beyond miraculous.

Above all know you are loved and that you are love. Commit to a path of mastery.

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