A Love Letter to the Great Love Stories of the Millennial Generation

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“Perhaps okay will be our always”

“Ever thine, ever mine ever ours”

“Always and forever”

“Three words, eight letters, say them and I’m yours”

“He’s her lobster”

“Out of all the gin joints in all the world..”

“You jump, I jump Jack”

“Never let go”

“You’re like my own personal brand of heroin”


All of those words are famous lines from some of the greatest love stories ever told.. in my opinion anyway. Some of them are classic, like the Titanic and Casablanca while others may not be as well known, like The Fault in Our Stars or One Tree Hill.

They all have one thing in common and that’s the fact that they exude love. True, crazy, wild, inconvenient love — from Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf to Ross and Rachel to Carrie and Mr. Big.

While yes, these are fictional love stories, what other kind of love stories are there? Ever since we were little we’ve been exposed to the idea of a fairytale; who didn’t want to be awaken by true love’s kiss?

As little girls and little boys, the notion of princes and princesses have been drilled into our head. It was something to look forward too, even before you understand what it really meant.

You might’ve not understood dating or marriage but you understand that there was something called love. You didn’t understand kissing or sex but you understand what it meant to find someone who you were drawn too.

Before hormones kicked in, you were four years old and for some reason, had a crush on the boy in your Pre-K class. You wanted to have a valentine on Valentine’s Day and you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend in the first grade.

You knew it was a big deal when that boy gave you a Barbie locket and knew it was a big deal when someone else gave you a box of chocolates in the 3rd grade.

All you wanted as a pre-teen was someone to put your name in their AOL profile because that meant they liked you. You slow danced at the school dances, and maybe got caught making out in your friend’s basement.

Before any of us knew what love really was, we kind of understood it. We thought it was complicated back then, when we were young and stupid, but you didn’t know how complicated it could get.

As you grew up, you understood more and more what these feelings meant. Throughout high school and college it all became a little clearer, that relationships and love were tough.

It wasn’t until after college, when you entered the real world that maybe this was a lot harder than you thought. As you watched everyone around you get engaged at the tender age of 24, while you continued to swipe left, you thought that maybe this wasn’t really worth it.

But then, you watch one of those movies or one of those TV shows, or read one of those books and suddenly you’re brought back to that fairytale reality.

You’re drawn back into the world of Tree Hill where everyone ended up with who they were supposed too, even if Nathan and Haley realized that at the tender age of 16.

You watch Chuck and Blair fight all across the Upper East Side but you’re reminded that with all the ups and downs, you can make it through the other side.

Even after they were on a break, Ross and Rachel found each other in the end. He was her lobster after all.

Cancer couldn’t stop Augustus and Hazel from falling in love and neither could humanity for Edward and Bella.

Yes, these are all fictional characters with writers and producers and scripts, but it’s all based in the same thing. Love, true love, can survive anything and in the end, it is all worth it.

So next time someone on Bumble doesn’t answer you, just remember that Mr. Big married someone else but he still found Carrie in Paris.

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