A Massive Shift Toward Love

It is time to eliminate concepts like "survival of the fittest" or "the one with the most toys wins." It is time to open our hearts and call in the survival of the most loving.
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The consciousness of fear is all-pervasive in the world today -- from collapsing markets to political battles, war torn nations to road rage. We live with this whether we actively participate or not and it affects us. If we want to live a life of peace, it is up to us to counteract this consciousness of fear with a massive shift toward love.

Stop for a moment and just imagine... what would a world climate of love feel like?

Rather than the routine greed and self-centeredness that so much of our world runs on that makes us feel fearful, overwhelmed and anxious, a world directed by the energy of love would feel relaxing, nurturing, and inspiring. Consider how you feel when you are loving someone or something? Probably expansive, generous, and kind. To begin moving in this direction, we must courageously face the restrictions in our own minds first and step past perceived differences, in order to see the similarities in what all humans need and want... namely peace, freedom, harmony and love.

When the mind runs on fear, it keeps us imprisoned in old ways of being in conflict, in separateness, in smallness and in lack. Now is the time to invite great change into our hearts and to step toward the next evolutionary cycle of humanity, a cycle that begins with a change in consciousness. In order to even begin to shift the greater planetary energy, we must begin to shift our own thought patterns and motivations from self-protection to compassion, from fear to love, and from greed to generosity. Peace and cooperation cannot emerge in our economies, political races or global negotiations until it begins within our own beings.

What conflict could you release today? Just set it down, stop the battle. Choose peace.

Like any people who have enacted great change, we need vigilant effort, courage and the willingness to withstand the chaos of moving from an outdated operating system to a new one. We must overcome habitual responses and fear-centered beliefs based in the survival programming of our collective subconscious and choose instead the power of awareness and compassion that are ours through evolution, moment by moment, thought by thought, choice by choice. We must stand strong during these tumultuous times, for if we succumb to the old ways of thinking and relating now, the quest for freedom and a world held together by love will never come to fruition.

Is there something you could do or say in this moment to promote peace and love in your family, your office or community?

When we realize that we as fellow humans are all in this together, an expansive freedom arises inside. We see that conflict serves nothing except the preservation of the already unhappy ego that falsely believes self-protection is the only way to survive. True freedom is recognizing that our safety lies in cooperation and mutual trust. As people of this Earth, we must work as compatriots to see through the illusion of our separateness into the understanding of our oneness. Evolution occurs as each one of us chooses one step toward unity consciousness. With just one movement toward love instead of fear, we contribute to the harmonious healing of our own heart, our planet and humankind.

What small change in the way you interact with others can you make today to be more compassionate, kind and loving?

It is time to eliminate concepts like "survival of the fittest" or "the one with the most toys wins." It is time to open our hearts and call in the survival of the most loving. We can choose to think "we" instead of "I" and notice as we go through the day, if our choices are based on fear or on love. We can let love be our guide.

What can be accomplished through a massive shift toward love? Find out in your life today.

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