A Meditation On Mitt Romney and Politics

I did not vote for Mitt, but after seeing Palin and Cruz and Trump and Perry set the stage at the Freedom Summit, I have to say, I admire Mitt for letting go of his ego and walking away. It is something we all must do from time to time; reassess our dreams and ask ourselves not, "can I do this," but "what will it cost me?"

There is an old Lousiana saying about politics "now, why would you climb over the fence and wrestle with that pig. You're only going to get yourself dirty. And I actually think the pig kind of likes it." So Mitt, to you, I say, stay clean. Or at least as clean as you can in that sty called poitics. Besides I am sure you can do so much more by influencing the acts of others rather than politicing for the acts of others.

That said, the reason for Mr. Romney's leaving the race opened my eyes to a new kind of poliltics being played. This is happening on both sides of the aisle - that of the financial backers. The reason more and more backers jumped from Mitt's camp to Jeb's is best summed up in the New York Times' article by Ashley Parker and Jonathan Martin. "Repubican leaders, especially the party's wealthiest donors, are in an impatient and determined mood. They are eager to turn out a new face they believe can defeat [the opponent]."

Read, for the financial backers every politico chases, this as an investment. Not just in America, but in their own personal and financial interests. They see this as an investment and they expect a positive return on that investment. They do not want to wait. They want it now. personal freedoms, clean water and safety matters less than the XL Pipeline, or how their investments in Smith & Wesson are doing. They don't care about the downside of GMOs, as long as their corn futures are up. That is not something you can do that with an FDA or an EPA that is actually looking out for the interests of Americans, over the interests of corporate America.

So, Mitt, I hope you take this time to reflect and perhaps even meditate on the road ahead. To the rest of you, the voters, forget about the candidates, they are unfortunately bought and sold many times over. Sadly you cannot get to this level of the game without being so. Look instead to their backers, follow the money to see where their true interests lie.

After all, in politics, it really is all about the money and the lies....