A Meeting of Minds and Media Strategies. Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker Meets Web Manager Mauro Perrella

I am a millennial and I would say that my generation has wrought enormous change in people's lives. Simonetta Lein

Social media and blogs form an everyday part of our work, social and private lives. In the wild and at times uncharted territories of the Internet, democratic discussions and dissent can easily morph into "flame wars" and trolling. Suddenly everyone becomes an "expert". On the other hand, the Internet is also an arena in which professional people with genuine expertise, amicably conduct their business and follow precise rules of conduct. To clarify the situation, I decided to interview one of the greatest experts in the field of web management, Mauro Perrella - a relatively new profession we need nowadays more than ever.


Hi Mauro, how are things going with web promotion for businesses and individuals internationally?

Hi Simo, remarkably well I'd say. We're at the classic break point, a crucial point in time for the whole advertising world, as we are now well into the era of web media, which rules the roost when it comes to other media!

** As a writer and influencer for magazines as well I too have a witnessed how the world of media has changed and is changing. People want more and more digital, easy access from their cell phones, a link that will lead them to something interesting. All the while they are trying to multitask and do too many other things at the same time. This is today's society and the advertising world has been forced to recognize the new era that has been thrust upon them, the era of web media.

Do you think that for the web, roles such as writer, journalist, content producer, are important or have they become superfluous nowadays?

I think that today whoever produces content and knows how to do it well in the language of the web is one of the most important and valuable people in the entire system.

** I totally agree. As an expert in communication I see many brands attain success because they were able to engage people with stories which are not only captivating, but also with which the consumer can identify. More than anything else, in my opinion, good content in your blog/website will attract people. Studies show that blogs/websites are the number one source of our internet traffic, second comes Facebook, then close on the heels of these come YouTube, twitter and so on. Why? Because in your blog/website you can express who you really are and what you want to communicate, and people are attracted by that uniqueness that only you could possess, as well by your brand. I might add that if you want to be successful with your brand you mustn't be afraid to be innovative and say exactly what you have in mind or in your heart. Experts can help you to translate your language into a more effective web language but you are the key of your success and not external factors. Choose your collaborators well though.

Mauro, you are a world-renowned web expert. You've gained experience in the last fifteen years traveling all over the world, you've created a type of brand with the name "Mauro Perrella", do you really think that today the Internet is everything?

Simonetta, in reply I could say that you too have created a brand around your name, a brand to export all over the world, your work is different from mine, and yet it was born from, and exists with, the web...so my answer is implicit!

** Coming from Mauro Perrella, this is a true compliment. I am a millennial but I've been able to observe and experience both the "old" world and the "new". I know what it is like to write everything down with a pen on a piece of paper, and to be addicted to social media. I know what it is like to have nostalgia for CDs and cassette tapes but I am now well into iTunes, iCloud, iPhone etc. Our world has changed so rapidly and being a millennial I remember the 'old' world but yet I am multitasking. When I communicate I try always to consider whether what I am writing would bore me. With interesting stories you can grip and enthrall people and get them to stay with you and my personal angle is to try to inspire and empower them. We all need inspiration.

Do you think that content plus online marketing are the right mix to achieve success?

Absolutely. Today more so than ever before.

What would you advise for an up-and-coming individual or emerging brand in order to enjoy greater visibility online?

To go to the experts, those with the technical expertise and who are skilled in transforming spontaneous online traffic into conversions, into users with the K-factor.

"Mauro Perrella" is synonymous just with web promotion or with anything else? Tell us what the future holds...

I'd say that it's synonymous with the will to work well, and with a brand-new initiative whereby web promotion services intertwine with high-quality content production so as to provide tailor-made perfection for the user.

Do you think the American and the European markets are ready for a tailor-made service on this scale?

Yes, absolutely. Businesses and individuals today need certainties, they need made-to-measure services, purpose-built for them. It's really key to be able to supply products that have been designed and created with this specific objective in mind.

Is the world really heading inexorably towards web globalization with no turning back?

Undoubtedly so. But this is by no means a bad thing - indeed quite the contrary. In this way there will be an ever-increasing possibility to bring people together, to obtain results on a worldwide scale and to provide an opportunity to greatly expand what the web has to offer.

** Whenever I look up my analytics I am always thrilled to see that people read my contents from different corners of the world. That is why I love the internet as a communication platform because it allows me to meet people whom I would never otherwise have had the chance to meet, to inspire them and be inspired by them, to read something and be part of their world or touch other people's lives with my world. The web age can bring people together. But we have to remember that behind a laptop screen there are flesh-and-blood human beings, real people with the full range of fears, hopes, desires and dreams, and that it is in our power to strive to do our best when we use this incredible communication tool. If you want to do good with the web you can expand yourself and your brand way more than you could ever have without it. You just need to be smart, and as with everything else, learn how to use it wisely and well.

Thank you Mauro for this very useful interview.

As always make your dreams come true

From Philadelphia, Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker


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