A Memorable Melody Through the Proverbs

Singing helps many of us learn and remember lessons. Think about how we all stored the ABC's in our minds -- with a song. Acclaimed children's music group Slugs & Bugs is taking that approach with their new CD.

The songs are literally taken word-for-word right out of Scripture and put to child-like melodies. It's not only for kids, if you've ever wanted to memorize more of the Bible, their album "Sing the Bible" gives you a legitimate chance at finally succeeding.

The musicians on this CD are not only part of the faith-based scene. They boast an impressive pedigree, with past credits ranging from Yo Yo Ma and Dolly Parton to Ray Charles and Michael McDonald. Plus, the Grammy-nominated African Children's Choir appears on six songs, adding a magnificent layer of international rhythm.

For the entire month of September, 100 percent of the profits from Sing the Bible sales will benefit Restore Academy in Gulu, Uganda. Lead artist Randall Goodgame traveled to Gulu in 2012 and met many graduates that would not be able to afford college tuition. The sale of just 40 CDs could cover the cost of an entire semester for one student.

Check out Goodgame recording with the African Children's Choir (disclaimer: I am making a feature film about the Choir) but no doubt this will make you smile.

Video courtesy Slugs & Bugs.

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