A Message Every Little Girl Needs to Hear: Love Yourself As You Are

A Message Every Little Girl Needs to Hear: Love Yourself As You Are
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When I was a little girl, I looked different than everyone else. I was taller than everyone else, even the boys. I was fatter than everyone else. I had long, curly hair when everyone else had beautiful straight hair. I hated everything about myself, and wanted SO badly to look like all the other girls. I didn’t love the idea of me, I wanted to be like them.

My Mom told me over and over that I was special just the way I was, that everything about me was my own special gift. But she was my Mom, and well, I didn’t listen to her.

That is why, I think, I fell in love with the book Curlee Girlee.

Is the story of a little girl who hates her hair because its nothing like the other girls, but it ends up becoming the story of a girl who loves to embrace everything that is different about herself because it eventually is what will make her into a strong, unique person!

Curlee Gurlee helps girls understand that what makes them different is what makes them special.

Atara Twersky

I learned some hard lessons. There was nothing I could do about being tall, I just kept growing. As far as my weight, even now I struggle with it, but I have learned that starving myself won’t help. I have endocrine issues that are being treated first, but that I can healthy as I work on it. I also learned that I can ROCK Curly hair. and I even love it. I stopped straightening my hair and love my curls because it’s an important part of who I am. I learned to love myself.

<p>Me and my Curly hair!</p>

Me and my Curly hair!


I am getting this book for my little cousin, Georgia, for Christmas. She has curly hair, just like me. Every time I see her I tell her how much I love her hair and how lovely it is. I tell her that it showcases her spunkiness and I loved every single curl.

I wish I had this book when I was Georgia’s age. I think Curlee Gurlee should be on every little girls holiday list, because every little girl needs to know she should love herself for everything that is special and unique about themselves.

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