A Message From The Oracle
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December is the month of darkness and the coming of the light. We feel like hibernating, want to eat lots of carbs, and either exhaust ourselves running around in a holiday frenzy or retreat into a cocoon and "Bah Humbug," wait until it is over.

The Winter Solstice this year comes December 21 at 5:45am. The Solstice marks the entrance of the sun into Capricorn. In Astrology this date is called The Galactic Center because the Sun's entry into Capricorn marks the gravitational center around which the Sun revolves. This date also brings us a spiritual symbolic message because it marks the beginning of the Sun's climb to longer days and more light. By the time the New Year occurs we have 3 more minutes of daylight. WOW! And the peak is 6 months from now, June 21, with the Summer Solstice. Whether you are pagan or religious the heavens and earth give us this message: that even in the darkest times there is light. It may be only a spark but the spark can grow.


As we complete 2016 there is a lot to contemplate. Whether your chart currently is blessed by Jupiter, hampered by Saturn, energized by Mars, and/or inspired by Venus we are all in the middle of a Neptunian Fear Wave. The exact parameters and meaning of this fear is nebulous and we waver from surfing to drowning. If the fear wave is affecting you, it is difficult to think clearly and take action. But to return to the solstice metaphor a spark of light means that the answers can be lived into even if nothing is clear at the moment.

I believe that as humans we have a life filled with dark and light experiences. I also believe that societies, countries, and the earth itself moves forward by balancing dark and light. A Fear Wave belongs to the unknown dark. It's there but the light comes and the fear wanes. We are all involved in an evolutionary process in our lives and in the planet's. I came across this passage that I want to share, quoted by Judy Thomases... "In your heart there is love, faith, and trust. Trust of a greater plan; trust of your self's ability to thrive and be creative within that plan, and genuine caring for the other."

Enjoy the crisp weather and the holiday reds and greens. The lights all over the city and country give us the sign we need.

I wish you all Good Holiday and the best in 2017.

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