A Message to Democratic Voters in Utah

So, I've been seeing signs up all over the place for Chris Cannon's reelection and I'm wondering who his opponent is.

I can't find anyone who seems to be running against him (outside of his own party, that is).

That being said, I'll do it.

There's no way we can let a guy like Chris Cannon run un-opposed. Does anybody know what procedures I'd have to go through to run as a Democrat against him? I'm assuming the local Democratic party office would have some who'd know.

It's not like I'd be a great candidate, but I'd certainly be great for the position. I'm not a BYU Law grad like his last opponent, Christian Burridge (who should run again), but I'm smart, know my politics and care way more about the people of Utah's 3rd Congressional than he does. He understands big business and lobbyists, but I understand people.

I also understand that domestic oil and shale drilling isn't a solution to our dependency on oil. Shifting where we get the oil isn't going to lessen our dependency on oil, it's just going to ruin our own natural resources to sate our unquenchable thirst for oil for a short time. The solutions that Cannon has been proposing are both short-sighted and ignore the problem. We need tax credits to make hybrid cars, electric cars and solar powered cars more affordable for everyone. And his solution to the problem doesn't really help Utahns. If there's one thing in Utah we have an abundance of, it's sunshine. Why not harness some of that to fix our problems instead of destroy national parks?

So... Seriously. Anybody want to step up? Or are we really going to make me do this?

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