A Message to the DNC Platform Committee From Bernie Supporters

This past Saturday June 11, 2016 there was a meeting of Bernie Supporters at the
"Bravehearts for Bernie: a Brews for Bernie event" at Caution Brewing in Colorado.
The talk among the people there was not one of defeat or sadness, but were more about the direction of the Party and what delegates need to do to shape the platform of the Democratic party at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

This first video features 11 different concerned Democrats giving their 1 minute talk about where the direction of the Democratic Party needs to be going for the future of the Country and the Planet, as requested by Democracy for America.

The second video features the Speakers at the Bravehearts for Bernie - Brews for Bernie event.
In that video is the discussion about staying in the Democratic Party, Supporting Bernie through the Convention and how Delegates can help shape the Platform for the Democratic Party.

Event Host - Alex Garland:

Welcome to Bravehearts and Brews for Bernie
We are going to have some fun, we are going to have some beer, We are going to raise some money,
We are going to raise some Hell!
Some of us are going to Philadelphia whether we are invited or not!
Democracy for America is on a listening tour to hear your voice for what should be included on the Platform at the Convention. Let your voice be heard.

Wade Norris:

We want to make sure the Bernie Delegates are supported all the way through the Convention (to shape the Platform)
When you have Bill McKibben on the Platform saying that we are going to make Climate Change a central part of the Platform, and we are going to get rid of Fracking Nationally, that means there are lines being drawn in the sand about what it means to be a real Democrat, a real Progressive

Joe Zemek:

We need to stay involved in the Democratic Party, because if you don't have a seat at the table, you are probably on the Menu. I want more of YOU seated at the table because I am tired of being on the freakin' Menu!

Nita Lynch - delegate

Please sign up for 'Brand New Congress' - they are doing a United States tour and their goal is change Congress and support those who carry on Bernie's message. And we can phone bank for Tim Canova (to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

Emilie Mitcham Delegate on the Credentials committee

if you have a personal story (on Election Fraud) I can bring that story to the convention where the battle over Election fraud is partly going to be fought.

Gabriel MacArthur - delegate

We share a vision, all of us, a vision in the future where perhaps we can prevent others from ending up in a (bad) situation.
We, like Bernie, know that transparency in elections is vital to the survival of our Democracy.