A Message To Women Who Can Vote Today, From Girls Who Can't

These middle school girls will remind you how special it is to be able to vote in this election.

“I wish I could vote today,” said 13-year-old New Yorker Akousa Omari-Dottoh. 

The Huffington Post joined Dottah and her middle school peers at a meeting of their Smart Girls group, an offshoot of the Educational Alliance Boys & Girls Club in New York, to talk about something these young women can’t yet do ― vote.

The girls-only leadership group meets weekly to discuss issues that affect young women and help foster self-esteem, optimism, leadership skills and self-love. And last week, they were eager to talk about the election.

“I wish I was 18 right now,” said 13-year-old Amina Bektasevic. “This is one of the biggest presidential debates I’ve been alive for.” 

So, in case you needed further motivation to get to the polls today, watch the video above to hear what these girls have to say. They’ll remind you how special it is to be able to vote this election.  

Video produced by Nick Offenberg and Savannah O’Leary. 



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