'A Most Wanted Man' Director Anton Corbijn Reflects On Working With The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman

Fans of Philip Seymour Hoffman can still catch him on the big screen through 2015 in the final two installments of the "Hunger Games" franchise, but the late actor's final starring role is in "A Most Wanted Man," an espionage thriller based on the novel by John le Carré.

The film's director Anton Corbijn joined HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri to discuss the movie and share his experience working with the Oscar-winning actor before he passed away earlier this year.

Hoffman's character in the film is disheveled and out of shape, and Camilleri asked Corbijn what he thought about viewers possibly connecting that image with Hoffman's drug-induced death.

"He channeled part of the state he was in at the time into that character. They were more closely linked than, say, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the character he played in 'The Master,'" the director said. "It will always be harder to differentiate in this role between how people perceived him to be as a person and what he gave us on the film."

But when director and star reunited in Berlin to watch an early edit of the film, Hoffman was "not the same guy," Corbijn added.

"He was a great American guy who was sitting there, full of life and funny and intelligent," he said.

Watch Corbijn's reflections on Philip Seymour Hoffman above, and click here to see the full HuffPost Live conversation about "A Most Wanted Man."