How Mommy Blogs Must React To Donald Trump

The severity of Donald Trump's behavior demands a response from voices outside the political arena.
01/30/2017 12:50pm ET | Updated January 31, 2017
Nastia11 via Getty Images

I have been thinking, “I shouldn’t write about this; I’m just a blogger. Worse than that, the subcategory of ‘blog’ puts me firmly in mum(mom) blog territory.”

But on reflection ― and there has to be some reflection right now for all of us, surely ― I think, in fact, I do need to write about this, and so does everyone. I can’t write another honest, normal post until I am honest about what is going on in the US and globally.

I don’t have any razor sharp political commentary or insight. Nor do I know what exactly our call to action should look like right now. But I do ― like most people I hope ― have a deep and fundamental commitment to openness, integrity, and generosity; personally and politically.

We all need to say that Donald Trump’s behavior is unacceptable. Even ― wait for it ― mum bloggers.

I could hardly bring myself to watch Theresa May smarming around next to Trump, hands clasped with a misogynist, racist bully. I am so deeply ashamed of her.

Because the thing is, this is the normalizing that will cause far more damage than he can cause alone.

She congratulated a man on his presidential campaign; she congratulated him on threatening to arrest his opponent and bragging about sexual assault.

The new executive order is appalling but none of us should be shocked. We knew this man stood for racist, protectionist, misogynist values from the start. We need to stop hoping for the best and start acknowledging the truth: these are dangerous times.

We already know where these kind of values lead us and it isn’t going to turn out well.

It isn’t just the responsibility of political commentators now ― it is the responsibility of the average joe, the average mom, the average blogger, all of us, to nail our colors to the mast.

For those who feel distanced from the impact because they live in the right country or have the right passports (for now) ― this affects us all, and it affects us urgently. This mommy blog detests everything Trump stands for. This mom says we are all in this together.