A Muslim Challenges & The Pastor Backs Off

I asked the Southern Baptist Pastor, “Reverend Jeffress, "I understand what you said about the Quran. Either you have read it some place or heard it, but did you verify it?” He backed off just like the Presidential candidate Ben Carson had done in a similar question. Facts don’t matter to this man.

Jeffress gave a sermon in his Church, “The Quran is an evil book, written by an evil prophet…” and received a thunderous applause and a standing ovation. There are many like him out there. I really don’t understand.

A minister in a church, which should be a place to receive Jesus’s love, creating ill-will is beyond me. This is not a cult either. It is a mainline Southern Baptist Church allowing this man to make ‘his’ God a villain of other people. When did the All Loving God become a villain of others?

That was followed by a weeklong back and forth discussion between the pastor and me. In one of the pre-taped conversations on Fox News in September 2010, I called on Jeffress, “You have an obligation to tell the truth to your congregation.” I challenged him again, "Pastor, I will give you the benefit of doubt. You probably have read the wrong translation of Quran or someone filled you with false information. I will give you the right copy of a translation of the Quran. Take a month and study it, and then we will have an open discussion in your church. If you find three faults with Quran that we agree in the public, I will join your ministry. If not, then you need to stop spreading the false information and join me in bringing peace to our communities. Let’s be the blessed peace makers."

Richard Ray of Fox News cut out the above piece where I challenged Jeffress. This kind of challenge was never given in the history of religion, yet they cut it out! Thankfully, Steve Blow from Dallas Morning News wrote the story, which has been read over 300,000 times.

I am committed to build a cohesive America where no American has to feel apprehension or fear of the other and I will stand like a rock against stereotyping which is one of the major evils of the society and happens with many religions.

Please do not stereotype Baptists, because you will be wrong in doing so. I know Muslims have learned their lessons not to stereotype anyone, because they are victims of stereotyping themselves. For every Muslim who misbehaves, there is a Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist who misbehaves; and for the 99 good Muslims, there are 99 good Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.

I know many compassionate Baptist Pastors who are angels on this earth, and who are committed to building the Kingdom of Heaven by embracing all humanity like Jesus did.

One of the leading Baptists figures in Dallas was late Rev. Roy Harrell from Thanksgiving Square who led the interfaith prayers at our events including the first Unity Day USA event on September 11, 2005. Pastor George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church of Lakewood says he has more in common with this Muslim than the Baptist Pastor Jeffress. Pastors Bob Roberts and Rick Love are two nationally known Evangelical Pastors who are committed to peace on earth. Indeed, I have translated a chapter of the Quran and have dedicated it to Pastor Bob Roberts for his belief in respecting the "otherness" of the other.

The problems of the world always originate from the greedy and power hungry individuals. The problem is Pastor Robert Jeffress, and not the Southern Baptist Ministry.

He is all about money; God is just a show off for him. While I was sitting in the Church amidst some 3000 congregants, he made his call. He wanted 100 of the congregants to bring at least one new person a month with a plan to convert them in the next ten months. I don’t think that was his real motive. He shamelessly showed the video of a Romanian immigrant man who converted to his ministry and donated a few million dollars. Jeffress closed the sermon by saying, the more you give, the more God gives! He forgot to say, he gets to keep a portion of God’s money.

I was surprised that his congregants did not demand him to research the truth or demand he stop passing on false information about Islam or Quran or even take up the challenge themselves. A place of worship is to find peace and not hatred for others.

He had called Mormonism along with Hinduism, Islam and others as cults. But when Mitt Romney became the Republican Nominee, Jeffress shamelessly flipped his position without batting an eye. He was looking for scraps. Finally, he may just get some from Trump.

Now Jeffress is back at it again, justifying building the wall as if Trump needed justification. I did not know Trump’s reaction to that, but I hope he did not fall for it. Jeffress failed to say that the wall was built in Jerusalem to prevent the enemies from destroying the temple. The Mexicans are not our enemies; they are our neighbors and allies and have helped build our economy instead. A man of God recommends a wall? I hope someone in his congregation has the courage to ask him to become a pastor of love and not hate.

What a shame it is, when the congregants allow their mesmerizing pastors to make a villain out of God. Of course, there are men like him in all faith traditions. If Muslim Imams utter nonsense like that, I would chew them out ...and I have. God willing, it will be in my upcoming book – "Mistakes Muslims Make".

As a peacemaker I appeal to Jeffress to quit sowing the seeds of discord between people. He needs to follow Jesus Christ and become a blessed "Peace Maker" and focus on mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill. A real patriotic American wants Americans to get along, respect each other and strengthen to make us, "one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Weakening America is very unpatriotic.

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God Bless America!

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