A National Strategy for Strategy

President Bush has at last announced his strategy for solving the Iraq problem: a slogan, and a booklet.

The slogan is "A National Strategy for Victory in Iraq." The booklet contains repackaged Rummy-Cheney classics, under a slick red, white and blue cover.

Jeez, these people are even more pathetic than the Democrats.

Oh, I almost forgot: the President is also going to ask for $4 billion more for training Iraqi security forces, so that, "as the Iraqis stand up, we can stand down." In other words, Bush says we're going to keep playing duck-duck-goose until there's a native winner.

This non-bold not-new non-policy pr campaign is what the New York Times calls on its front page "a carefully calibrated effort... to answer critics... who have argued that Mr. Bush has no plausible plan for bringing home the nearly 160,000 troops engaged in a war against the insurgency."

I'm sorry, but a carefully calibrated effort would be something more like, let's see, how about this: "Together, We Can Do Iraq."