A Nepali Charitable Network Raised U.S. $1 Million Worldwide for Nepal Earthquake Relief


For the past three and a half years, I have worked as a board member of the U.S. chapter of HELP NEPAL Network. It has been a challenging learning experience and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of ordinary Nepalis from afar. This was never truer than when the devastating historical earthquake of April 2015 wrecked havoc in Nepal and the never-ending aftershocks held the country hostage for many months.

HELP NEPAL Network has been one of the Nepali organizations working diligently on the ground to provide relief to the earthquake victims for the past seven months and also to begin the difficult task of rebuilding. To do so successfully, it has been soliciting help from Nepalis and friends of Nepal across the globe and partnering with local government as well as other non-profit and community organizations in Nepal.

This week, HELP NEPAL Network crossed the fundraising milestone of US $1 million. What is more, it has also already spent nearly half of the raised amount on relief activities in 378 locations inside 17 districts most affected by the earthquake. It has provided food, medicine, and other relief materials; built temporary shelters, temporary learning centers, and latrines; and conducted health camps. It plans to focus exclusively on rebuilding schools in the next phase. An update on HELP NEPAL Network's fundraising and relief activities can be viewed here.

I am naturally proud to be a team member of HELP NEPAL Network. I take this opportunity to encourage all of you to keep supporting HELP NEPAL Network and other organizations that have successfully provided earthquake relief in Nepal to continue their work and raise additional funds. There is much rebuilding to be done and the effort will take many years. You can support HELP NEPAL Network at www.helpnepal.net.