A New App Technology taking over the Health Care Industry and Making Our Lives Simpler

A New App Technology taking over the Health Care Industry and Making Our Lives Simpler
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This new app technology is making traditional office visits, long waits and repetitive forms a thing of the past. With everything from food to your next date available from your phone, it only makes sense that your doctor is as well.

A new study by West Monroe Partners shows patients are moving away from traditional office visits to more mobile conveniences. Many healthcare systems are being left behind and most healthcare executives don't know how to keep up. The recently study released shows:
• 80% of healthcare customers who have used a mobile app prefer this method over a traditional office visit.
• A staggering 91% of healthcare customers take advantage of mobile apps when they're offered

One company leading the charge in bringing healthcare to the digital age is Hart, a hot new company in the healthcare sector out of Orange County, CA who has had over 60 million transactions per month and over 10k check-ins a month through their kiosk app. Hart has seen 30% growth month over month.

Hart is taking over the health care industry and creating ease in the doctor/patient relationship that has never existed before now. The company provides hospitals and health systems with the tools that will be necessary for future industry wide requirements and legalities.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mo Alkady, the President and Co-Founder of Hart. Mo discussed the future of digital health care which makes sense that once a baby is born, their parents can keep track of all their medical records in one place in a digital form that can be accessed by doctors and hospitals nation wide, and eventually worldwide.

One app, one health record.

A slight concern for some was that they don't want everything tracked online or in an app, however if a patient visits a doctor's office or hospital they will need to access their files anyway which can be a time consuming and tedious process. Some of my clients (through Health Coaching) carry around stack full of printed blood tests and reports which can be burdensome to the patient and the doctor. There is data security in this digital age. No to worry you can control who can see or not see your data.

Digital systems are created to make our life smoother and more time efficient, a successful app is designed to help and work for us. The Hart app is a tailored healthcare experience for everyone and soon this technology be available at hospitals across the country. Digital care also creates a cost in reductions for the patient and health systems.

The way this digital conveniences works is by combining daily activities and medical information in one place. You can also conveniently schedule appointments via the Hart app and even mobile message directly to and from your doctor. And instead of having to wait to visit your doctor again for your latest test results you can access your vitals digitally.

As a Health Coach I am intrigued and excited about this as it can also assist in syncing your fitness activity directly with your doctor or coach so it's available at your next check-up. This app encourages users to engage with their health in real-time. Health-conscious individuals can manage daily activities, track progress with a personal Health Score launching in early 2017, and communicate directly with Hart-connected healthcare providers.

Very few people have connected clinical, and well-being together. People know it's important, this idea of complete wellbeing, and becoming more wholesome is trending.

A friend of Mo Alkady called and told him that a doctor said he had within months to change his diet or become a type 2 diabetic. His friend had no idea where to begin, which is where this app steps in and helps with the changes, it talks about nutrition and answers things like - How can you change your diet?

The founder of Hart is passionate about changing diets before it's a problem. This heart driven project started with Mo was a child and watched his dad go through dialysis which was painful and tough, so him and his brother spent a lot of time researching, and they learned about how much the diet affects health and said 'I was like I never want to go through that. I used to have tea with my sugar. I began this obsession with how to stay healthy, how to be more balanced, got into yoga, opportunity presented itself and this industry going through major transformation, and now we are witnessing how do we define a new way to interact with each other. If we are going to make this go faster, and have more education to the consumer, we have to take initiative and get involved in our health." Mo emphasizes "We HAVE TO ASK, HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. Health is individual but it's also accumulative thing, we all work together."

Their application is all about facilitating these discussions. And they've made it easy to use. Hart app is good for teenagers and for people into their 80's for example. Mums use it to manage children, newborns, and for managing appointments. Then when the child becomes of age all of their records are going to be there in the app for their doctors to access. People can also manage their grandparents records in this app.

This app is free, and launched in 2015. Next time you go to the doctor imagine being able to say "Let me give you my medical record, straight from the app." Talk to your health provider today about using the Hart app. Hart's network of providers is expanding daily, visit www.hart.com or follow on twitter @hart for the latest list of in-network providers.

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