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A New Approach to the Discussion on Abortion: Let's Get Real About the Problems & the Solutions!

We need a real discussion around conscious reproduction and the termination of unwanted pregnancies.
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People may have differing views about abortion, but nobody can deny the polarization and vitriol surrounding this debate, which has already led to many deaths, the most recent of which occurred at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last Friday. Whether that polarization has been based on religious views or the assertion of personal freedom, it has been non-productive and even dangerous.

We need a real discussion around conscious reproduction and the termination of unwanted pregnancies. Here are some of what we see:

  • The abortion conversation has been divisive and polarized. Women have legitimate concerns about being forced to carry through unwanted pregnancies. And fetuses are living creatures with consciousness, which means that they cannot be invisible in the conversation either. Any abortion conversation must take all of that into consideration, and the well-being of all parties must be considered - mothers, fetuses, fathers and abortion providers. We need a national conversation where we come together to do that.
  • Abortion is a painful decision in any circumstance. Women and men need to be supported to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and they need real support to make the right decision for them and all concerned in case such a pregnancy occurs.
  • The refusal to have legal and safe abortions will inevitably lead us back to illegal and unsafe abortions, which had condemned many to horrifyingly traumatic experiences and sometimes death. This factor also needs to be considered.
  • Abortion is currently legal in the United States.
  • All incendiary statements against different sides of the abortion debate must stop NOW.

  • No organization should be singled out for a hate campaign if it is carrying on a legal activity. Therefore, for example, until and unless Planned Parenthood is convicted of breaking the law, all attacks on Planned Parenthood should be stopped immediately before there is an excuse for even more violence against them.
  • The many women who use the varied services of Planned Parenthood and other women's health providers have a right to do so with peace of mind until and unless the laws around abortion are changed. Similarly, healthcare providers have the right to work in a safe environment. If there are people who have concerns about abortion, those concerns should be raised in real conversations about conscious reproduction, without making any organization a target and without traumatizing people currently using those services.
  • Abortion is not a political football and it must not be used as such.

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