A New Definition for March Madness

I'm starting to think there are two definitions for March Madness. The first being the one everyone already knows; March Madness: (noun) The American NCAA Division I basketball championship tournament that happens primarily during the month of March.

Then another definition I've recently come up with March Madness: (noun) a strong feeling of regret and anger as a result of choosing teams that completely ruin your NCAA basketball bracket. To use it in a sentence: It is almost April and I've got March Madness prior to the Final Four and Championship games.

Yes, I am one of many who have completely ruined brackets. I even went wild with one of my brackets and came close to being a possible winner, if Virginia hadn't lost. Anyways, despite my March Madness I've gathered Sage predictions on what could happen. Agree or disagree, I think your March Madness should subside mid-April.