A New Leader in Multimedia Platforms or Just Another Pretty Logo?

Like YouTube, SimulTV too has a clever logo, but will it be an effective business model? Recently I had the opportunity to interview the company's president, Steven Turner, who makes the case that people should keep an eye out for SimulTV.
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I remember in the early days of YouTube people questioned how far the new site would go. I mean, it was "just a video player" and its most memorable trait was its logo, that reminded people of enjoying TV back in the old days. Over time, the value of YouTube has become unquestioned. Recently, however, I encountered another company, called SimulTV, that is promising to change the way people get their information and entertainment. Like YouTube, it too has a clever logo, but will it be an effective business model? Recently I had the opportunity to interview the company's president, Steven Turner, who makes the case that people should keep an eye out for SimulTV.

What is SimulTV? And give a thumbnail sketch of its history.

SimulTV is the first global TV platform that delivers a true social television experience, with real-time video chat and social media channels embedded into 37 SimulTV channels and more than 4500+ Video on Demand titles. Subscribers can invite family and friends to join them in their virtual living room to watch the big game or enjoy movie night anytime, anywhere and on any web-enabled device.

The idea for SimulTV came to me during the 2004 Virginia vs. Virginia Tech game. Watching my brother and father pick up the phone time and again to debate every big play, I figured there had to be a better way to connect while watching TV. I'm also a big football fan as well as a self-proclaimed Trekkie.
I too wanted to be able to catch big games and the latest voyages of the Starship Enterprise with my buddies across town and across the globe.

I began working on designing SimulTV in earnest in 2004. After spending 5 years banging my head against the walls of some of the largest broadcast organizations, I realized it would be far faster to
strike out on our own and lead the industry, rather than follow a course we helped create.

My partners and I founded IMNSYS in 2011. We've been working out of my garage, literally, from the start,

We soft launched SimulTV during NMX 2013 this January and we're offering free trials through the end of March. Already thousands of people have registered.

What inspired you to start the company?

I have always felt that everyone of us has the responsibility to do whatever we can to make positive changes in this world. And, as most people who know me have heard me say, at times in my life, God has slapped me in the back of the head to get moving. Building SimulTV was one of those times. My vision for SimulTV is to help family and friends who are living apart - either across town or across the ocean -- to gather together, connect and share their favorite programs.

With the emergence of the synergy of various media online, why do you believe SimulTV is

It's not only absolutely necessary but very desirable. I only have to look at my daughter to realize I need more than a disjointed Twitter stream or telephone call to truly feel like we're spending quality time together while watching programs we both enjoy. I want the total experience, which includes all that SimulTV is and will be.

What is SimulTV's business model?

SimulTV is a subscription-based service that offers worldwide live television and Video on Demand.
We also offer white labeling services for shows like Home Shopping Network who want to give viewers the opportunity to ask questions and make purchases at the click of button.

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