A New Politics for White Grievances: Civil Rights as the Only Tie that Binds

Blessings to all.

Recent analysis of the majority of whites suggest that most feel that their ‘group’ is aggrieved needs to be studied more, but I fully expected this as whites became a minority. We all knew that one party had been exploiting this since the 80s, with the Willie Horton ads to be elected, but we thought and are still tempted to think this is a uniquely American sickness in attitude to African Americans. But it is not, it is more boring than that, and more universal. Groups, as their percentages lower, will be galvanized at democratic and semi democratic elections as a potential power block to be exploited. They will be used and abused by their handlers, they will be robbed, but they will always blame it all on someone else, someone they have been programmed to think of us as inferiors or threats. And thus the thieves who are stealing from them will take the money and run, bait and switch.

No, this is not a Marxist argument, this is rather a sober look at the weaknesses and dangers of power politics and attempts at democracy. Some may say that we set the stage for this, we liberals, with rainbow politics, the politics of group grievance and anti-discrimination, of multiculturalism, spurring on the development of a broader based culture of white tribal and racial grievance. Maybe.

Whether we are to blame as liberals and progressives, or conservatives are to blame for using racism and pseudo-Christianity to gain power, it does not matter. Only the challenge of peace and justice, or life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, truly matter as core ethical goals. As far as I can see, the only true response to this age-old weakness in human tribalism is not democracy but human rights, the faith in it, the practice of it, the idea of it embedded in each and every mind and heart together.

We are very far from that embeddedness, but there is where we must go. We can do that as conservatives, progressives, secular, religious, blue and white collar, and argue out our other differences. But the consensus on human rights education, training, as a sacred calling of citizenship, is the only way we can survive a culture that has gone crazy with guns and rage. As long as we are this overly armed science suggests that before long we will be killing each other in much larger numbers, unless we work on our culture, on our minds, together.

There are millions of American people who are doing good, innovating, generous, visionary. But we must gather on this one point human rights. We must accept the permanent reality now of white grievance, of a white tribalism, but bring them in as we would any other tribe or sectarian group.

This will take a broad-minded courageous new approach to our society.

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