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A New Spin On the Old

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The majority of my experience on TV hasn't always been great. Looking back all I remember is the negativity surrounding myself while I was active in my drinking and using. I've since made a promise to myself that if I was to ever return to TV, it would be to raise awareness and smash the stigma of my disease in the hopes of changing the negative perception society has on addiction. If you told me when I was drinking and drugging that I was going to return to TV to shed light on addiction in a positive way a few years later, I would've laughed. But, the truth is, that opportunity is here.

I am grateful to come across projects in all areas of my life where I can serve as an advocate for addiction and recovery. I am continually blessed with opportunities that allow me to spread my message of awareness surrounding this disease. The most recent project I am about to embark upon brings me back down the TV route. As I've said before, shows such as Intervention really upset me. Even with a creditable staff and highly qualified interventionist, the majority of the show focuses on and glorifies the negativity surrounding addiction with only a few minutes at the end updating viewers of their progress. This inspired me to roll up my sleeves and get involved in a project where we shift that model, show that the disease does not discriminate, treatment does work, and recovery is possible.

To me, the entire process of working on a show with a concept such as this makes me feel incredibly blessed and lucky. I can never forget that there was a time in my life where I had nothing going for me whatsoever. To succeed over that, and help spread a positive, life-changing message is humbling and fills me with gratitude. What was unfathomable to me five years ago when I got sober is now a reality, and I honestly couldn't be more excited about it.