A New Take On The Storage Industry! Meet Boxii

A New Take On The Storage Industry! Meet Boxii
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We all been there! We want to move and store items for a month or two, but the prices are insufferable! Not just that, there are administrative fees, lock prices and a lot more…. Moving and storing items is such a hassle; as a college student I had to move out every summer! I would pitch in with my friends and we would all move our items in New Jersey because that’s the only affordable place we could find. But I would still end up paying $50-80 per month not including the renting truck, gas and all other fees. This problem bothered me so much that one day me and my friend - Sid Sachdev decided to come up with new and fun way to deal with storing items, we called it Boxii.

At Boxii, we’re providing a platform for people to connect with stores, restaurants, even renters to make the best use of their space and store their items for a very reasonable rate. This means overpaying for self-storage’s extremely high costs, traveling long distances or waiting for someone to come and pick up your items will become a thing of the past. At Boxii, we’ll be providing long term and short term storage for items. We have options for you to store your items from 1 hour up to 12 months. The best part is, your items will be just blocks away from you. In simple words it’s like Airbnb for your items. You have an option to store your items in convenience stores near you. I know, you are thinking what about security? Well, we developed a storage Box that is the most secure system in Self-storage industry, our Box allows only you to open and close your storage Box using a phone.

We are offering three types of services

1. BoxiiBox - it's a physical high tech Box that allows ONLY YOU to access it. Once you request a service, you will get a barcode. When you drop off your items, you will scan barcode to open and close your personlized Box. This service is the most secure option that exist in all self storage industry. On Box we have sensors which means if someone tries to break it we will be notified.

2. BoxiiBox XL - it's the same concept as the regular BoxiiBox but more suitable for long term storage. This Box is 4x4x4 dimension and can fit holds as much stuff as a mini-van's worth (ex. a mini-fridge, microwave, tv, clothes, desk chair, lamp, books, clothes, etc.).

3. Open Space - This option allows you to leave your items to a Boxii provider for a cheaper rate. Once you request a service, you will leave your items to a Boxii providers specific designated area. Ideal for short term storage!

If you are interested to find out more about Boxii, check out our website www.Boxii.io

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