A New Way to Say Affirmations

I sat in meditation to contemplate the question, who am I?

We have learned ourselves to be the Ego -- the false conditioned self. We think we are the body with a soul, but we are a soul that has a body. You can say the soul is the energy which gives life to the body. Like a car needs a key to start the engine to bring the car to life; just like that the soul is the key to the vessel we know as a human body.

So here I was contemplating all these ideas with my eyes closed. Then, I posed the question: well who am I trying to convince is worthy, when I say the affirmation I am worthy?

If I am speaking to the Ego, the false conditioned Self, it takes a lot of convincing! Most of the time positive affirmative statements like I am worthy, I am whole, I am abundant don't feel true at all. It's because I am speaking to the Ego -- convincing it that I am the things I am affirming I am. It's not going to buy it!

Why? Because the Ego is the belief in separation. In order for you to know the Ego and buy into its belief systems, you must know yourself as separate from God, Universe, Source, etc.

One day I was staring out into the ocean. I was focused on the movement of every wave -- the way it effortlessly glides and moves to the shoreline. I was looking at the wave one moment and in the next moment I was looking at the entire ocean.

Our focus determines what we see. We will either see a wave or we will see an ocean, but what we call it doesn't make it different than what it actually is. It's an ocean with waves, ripples and lots of water. The wave can never be apart from the ocean, but it can be known by a different name -- as a wave, but it will always be a part of the ocean.

You are both the wave and ocean.
You are the ripple through which the ocean knows itself.

This fascinated me because we are taught to identify ourselves as separate from the Universe, God, Source, etc. When in fact we are the Universe and the Universe is us!

There is nothing that is not a part of the Universe. The trees, birds, ocean, animals, flowers, humans, solar systems, galaxies -- they are all a part of the whole. That means at all times we are always connected to the whole and can never be separate. Our belief in separation creates the feeling that we are separate, we aren't a piece of the whole.

Back to my point earlier -- if I am convincing the Ego of my wholeness it can never know this because the Ego is the separate self -- the self I have learned myself to be.

Who you really are -- energy, spirit, the Universe, Source, God can never be anything but whole and absolute perfection!

How can we be so sure? Is there a flaw in nature? Is there a flaw in the way our planet just rotates in thin air at the exact distance from the sun that allows life to flourish?

So I pose this question now:

When you take the mask off the Ego, take away the mind and body identification -- what is left? Who are you then?

You are everything -- you are the infinite, you are the limitless, you are the divine, you are the energy that makes up this entire existence.

Now, when I say my positive affirmative statements -- I don't say them to the Ego, I speak directly to my authentic self - that already knows I am: whole, complete, limitless, beautiful, worthy, abundant, deserving, loved, etc.

Why does my authentic self know the truth about me? Because it doesn't know itself as separate like the Ego. It knows that it's part of the wholeness of the entire Universe.

Whenever you tap into your authentic self -- you feel good, you feel empowered, you feel loved, you feel excited about life. If you start to equate your higher self as the real you -- you will begin to know what it feels like to belong, to know that you are more than just a body.

Direct your positive affirmative statements from trying to convince yourself that you are the positive statements, to knowing that you are the pure reflection of every positive affirmative statement.

I like to remind myself of this line from A Course of Miracles:

What you deny you must have once known.

When I am denying who I am -- it is because I know myself to be exactly what I am in denial of.

In fact -- you are whole, you are loved, you are so freaking wonderful, you are the fullness of all that is.

It's your belief in separation that keeps you suffering and living in victimhood.

You are so much more - the time has come. Be more of you. Because you are.

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