A Politically-Incorrect Message To Trump Supporters

Thank God for the electoral college.

Ever since the orange nuclear weapon of mass destruction announced he would run for president, I took his news as somewhat of a joke. Fast forward to October 2016. The harsh truth is that he is for real. The reason he is so popular is because he is a reflection of the average American: intellectually limited, with the vocabulary of a fifth grader at a terrible school district, and somewhat bigoted and xenophobic.

Trumpeteers get offended when you make comments like this ― which is ironic, because these are the very same people who hate political correctness. Well, guess what, Trump supporters: It goes both ways. Most of you haven’t read a book since high school. Most of you also have a very limited vocabulary and this is why you’re so impressed by his “very bad, bad things would happen if Hillary were president, believe me.” He speaks in your overly simplistic language. He’s also made it ok for you to voice your real opinion of immigrants that you’ve been closeting for years, lest you give the impression of being the bigot you actually are.

The reason he is so popular is because he is a reflection of the average American: intellectually limited and somewhat bigoted.

Here’s the thing, Trump supporters: Yes, we know innocent people died in Benghazi. We know the email situation is sketchy. However, that will never erase the fact that Donald Trump started his campaign by saying that when Mexico sends their people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending “rapists.” He’s the one who kicked out Jorge Ramos from a press conference, because Univisión decided not to broadcast the Miss Universe pageant after he made the disparaging remarks about Mexicans. He’s the one with an aide who told Jorge Ramos to “get out of my country” despite the fact that Ramos is a U.S. citizen (and showing his team’s true xenophobic colors).

Donald Trump is the person who says he believes in torturing family members of terrorists ― as if somehow, that would make things better for the United States. He’s the one who mentioned banning Muslims from this country. An entire religion! He’s the one who says he will “open up” libel laws, so that he can sue newspapers who write unfavorably about him. He clearly does not know (a) what the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says, (b) how the three government branches work if he thinks he can “open up” libel laws and make up the rules; and (c) he is so absolutely delusional, he thinks it is possible to write anything about him that would portray him in a positive light. He is so used to being surrounded by sycophants, that he cannot fathom that someone would actually disagree with him and describe him as he truly is.

And now, as the cherry on top of this sundae of absolute madness, he admitted on a recorded conversation that he grabs women “by the p*ssy” and that he kisses them. He doesn’t wait. Just kisses them. How you don’t realize he described sexual assault is flabbergasting. Yes, a lot of people in this country bought that trashy book Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, we’ve all made lustful comments about people we’ve found attractive. A lot of us use strong language every now and then. But how is it possible that you do not see the difference between those comments and someone who’s saying he will touch women’s genitals without their consent? How would you like it if someone did that to you? How would you like it if someone did that do your daughter? How have you been able to be functional in life when you lack the most basic of reasoning skills?

Hate political correctness? How do you like them apples?