A Nonsense Limerick on President Fart

One fine day in the middle of the night,
A presidential candidate tweeted out a fight.
"Hillary ought to be arrested," he said,
"For the email scandal off with her head.
She risked our safety with her deeds
And betrayed the country for her needs."

The tweeting twit then turned about
And asked the Russians to use their clout.
They hacked and hawed to help their man,
Resulting in the election of a Putin fan.

He sat and tweeted out his thanks,
Called for unity and helped the banks.
Selected foxes to rule the roost
And asked Assange to give him a boost.

The twit in chief then called for war
Against the intelligence agencies, the Mexicans and more.
He railed against his Muslim foes
And tweeted nuclear strategy on the go.
He set about removing healthcare for the poor,
And pledged to show the media the door.

He'll make the country great agin,
For neo-Nazis and their bigot kin,
He'll rid the country of dissent
By stop and frisk and a conspiracy bent.

"The torture" is now a part of our plan
To defend against the Barbari-an.
We'll waterboard and worse, he claims,
To defend our values and our aims.
We'll kill our enemies on mass,
To show the world what's come to pass.

Might is right these days it seems,
Like in the 1930s dreams
of fascists and of Nazi scum.
How could we all have been so dumb?

The keys to the castle now are Trump's.
The rest of the world, well we're all chumps.
Greed is good and stupid smart,
We've handed power to a fart.