A New Game Explores The Intimacy Of Finding A Lost Phone

"Every smartphone tells a story."

An intriguing new phone game allows users to experience a deeply personal journey as they become intertwined with another person’s life through the exploration of a lost iPhone.

A Normal Lost Phone,” created by developer Accidental Queens, is a non-linear narrative game that addresses sexuality, gender identity, homophobia, depression and peer pressure, among other topics. The user plays as someone who stumbles across a stranger’s phone and then becomes immersed in the world and life of its owner, Sam.

“It is, above everything, a game of investigation,” Diane Landais, co-founder of Accidental Queens, told The Huffington Post. “Something happened to the owner of the lost phone, and everything in this phone is accessible to the player’s eyes. It quickly becomes a game of ‘connect the dots’ in a digital setting, where every seemingly unimportant detail starts making sense further down the storyline. Thus, the main thing to expect from the game is an interactive mystery to solve in an innovative context.”

A queer mystery for the digital age? Yes, please!

“A Normal Lost Phone” is now available for purchase on iOS, Android and Stream.