A Palin Poem

Unknown in lower 48,
She took us by surprise.
A maverick from the tundra
Was her oft-stated disguise.

At first she tripped on Charlie
And blamed the hated left.
Who knew that Bush's doctrine
Carried such destructive heft?

The Katie threw her softballs --
Pick one more that you can hate!
Brown, Roe, Miranda?
She just stared, no talking straight.

So comics had a field day
With her winks and nods and betchas.
"He pals around with terrorists" --
Her false but favorite gotcha.

They lost, and rather handily,
Swept by history's tide.
But she was poised to marry up,
The right wing's favorite bride.

They'll wait four years, 2012,
For their pit bull in lipstick.
But now they'll have to wait some more,
'Cause she just up and quit.