A Passionate EdTech Researcher Shaping the Data-Driven Questions

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Dr. Damian Bebell has been studying the effects of education technology on our kids and teachers for a long time. The assistant research professor at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College, spends much of his time collecting data from surveys of students, teachers, and members of the community to ensure the results of his research are based on data and not assumptions.

As he says, “As schools dive into the technology, it's almost like a Trojan horse. They're having these bigger questions: ‘What is the role of the teacher? What does success mean for this particular student?’”

The result of asking these kinds of questions is that the research community and assessment systems are getting more democratic in measuring success. Throughout the process, the education community has become more articulate as a whole.

Dr. Bebell is currently researching 1-to-1 technology, which he says is one of the most positively disruptive things to happen to teachers in their classrooms in the past ten years. He says, “We are looking at how pedagogy is changing and then how the technology and the pedagogy can work collaboratively to create an impact.”

About Damian Bebell

Damian is currently directing multiple studies investigating the effects of 1-to-1 technology programs on teaching and learning including collaborative research with the Boston Public Schools and the New York City Public Schools. His research interests include the development and refinement of methodological tools to document the impacts of educational technology on learning, education reform, testing, and 1-to-1 computing.

Damian has been invited to give keynote presentations at conferences and meetings both in the United States and internationally and has also served on a number of advisory boards. In 2010, Damian served as guest editor for a Special Issue of the Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment producing the first collection of peer-reviewed research studies emerging from 1:1 computing environments.

He received his M.Ed. and Ph.D. from Boston College.

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