A Pathway to Your Sacred Self in an Age of Anxiety

A Pathway to Your Sacred Self in an Age of Anxiety
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by Sister Jenna

Don Berkemeyer

Many of us are experiencing an awakening as we realize to whom we have given a fair amount of authority over our collective lives. Our global narrative has been amplified with some surreal impending atrocities, whether it is by a storm of nature or a storm of conscious or unconscious thinking.

This is why, if you are truly observing from the heart, you might see an increase in transformational thinkers and doers wanting to return to a more inclusive and respectful culture. Organizations like the Shift Network have been working for years to create a narrative of inner shifting of our perceptions. Other groups like the Brahma Kumaris have been working for 80 years to transform perceptions that lead towards a more inclusive and united common sharing of our lives for a golden-aged world. Philanthropist Oprah Winfrey and authors ranging from Martha Beck, Dr. Bruce Lipton, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and others have been serving our world through their work of raising the way we see ourselves and each other.

Our world is in need of honest conversations and a pathway to social and spiritual well-being. Rarely do we get to have real conversations in which we can talk openly and honestly about our hopes, fears, concerns, or personal dilemmas. Instead, we are becoming all too familiar with doom, gloom, disappointment and fear. There is a need for a kind of friendship that crosses the barriers of religion, gender, nationality, political party and even ideas. These are challenging times no doubt because we are each being challenged to dig deeper and aim higher while listening, speaking and doing life.

The consequence of living through an age of great anxiety and fear is enormous in its immediate response, but it is also a means to move us towards a golden-aged state of awareness. It's a state of great respect, kindness, generosity and appreciation. It's a state of acknowledging the power of love in all of God's children as they filter and sort out their attachments to old stories of pain that have carried their perceptions in a way that makes it normal for us to think that a particular race, religion, gender or language is superior over another.

If we really look at the current state of the world right now, we might discover a deep sense of powerlessness which brings rise to fear, anxiety and a conflict of spiritual values. Pope Francis, Dalai Lama, Dadi Janki, the late Nelson Mandela and others have been guiding us to choose love over hate or fear. But, why don't we hear them? Is it because of the stories of our wounds, or insecurities that we own that might prevent us from hearing this simple solution towards world peace? Or, have we missed the real cause of the disease of hate, fear, separation and greed?

When I look at a baby, I see innocence, love, wisdom, gentleness and when I look at an adult, I see many stories that own the soul and what was once a child of innate natural wisdom, has been replaced with manipulation, deceit, greed, ego, attachment and for what? What do we want? What do we need? Have we ever thought that our needs are the same? Love, respect, food, shelter, clothing, happiness... What I want might be more from an external world, the cars, luxury homes, position of authority, etc…What is more important? What matters more to you? If we were to take care of the inner world of integrity and wisdom, wouldn't we naturally attract the wants? Food for thought and food I believe in.

So, we are in need of finding the sacred inside ourselves. We are in need of remembering the power that is an innate power in our being. We are in a need of understanding and experiencing what we read in the scriptures, "we are made in the image of God." What does that mean to you? From my observation it means, human beings who emanate a character of peace, purity, love and wisdom in their actions. God is an ocean of goodness, virtues and purity. If we are made in His image, then it’s safe to say, these are the qualities we are to express from our image.

Be it man, woman, Christian, Jew, Republican, Democrat etc... If more of us were willing to use this time to seek real deep meaning, purpose and wisdom, then we could collectively re-emerge our golden-aged state. The suffering in the world is increasing for a reason. It's a sign of an absence of God's love inside of us. The darker the time gets in which more and more negative stories permeate the airwaves and atmosphere, the greater the opportunity will be to seek a path to remember who we really are - not what we have become. This is our age of returning to the sacred.

Steps we can take to find our way to back to the sacred:

1. Find sacred spaces that are different than the ones you visit;

2. Take moments to remember what it feels like to be undivided inside yourself. Check your thoughts;

3. Begin to listen more from a place of love;

4. Be honest with your feelings and find ways to address those feelings;

5. Invite God's love in to remind you of who you are;

6. Accept that everyone has to do their work and so do you. Leave folks to work out their own stuff and take care of your own; and

7. Laugh and find things and stories that will make you smile more.

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