The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Besides 'A Perfect Pairing'

A high school comedy and Danish drama are also trending on the streaming service.

“Senior Year” is currently the most popular movie on Netflix for the second week in a row, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The Rebel Wilson comedy premiered on May 13 and follows a 37-year-old woman who awakens from a two-decade coma and goes back to high school to live out her dream of becoming prom queen. In second place is “Jackass 4.5,” a compilation of outtakes and behind-the-scenes moments from the filming of “Jackass Forever” that was released on May 20, three months after the movie premiered.

And in third is “A Perfect Pairing,” a new Hallmark-esque rom-com starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos. The film tells the story of a Los Angeles wine company executive who travels to Australia to land a major client and ends up sparking a connection with a local man she meets on a sheep farm.

"A Perfect Pairing" on Netflix.
"A Perfect Pairing" on Netflix.

Other new films that are trending on Netflix this week include “Toscana,” a Danish drama about a chef who travels to Tuscany to sell his father’s business, and “Our Father,” a documentary about the shocking case of an American fertility doctor who impregnated patients with his own sperm without their consent.

As for movies that weren’t produced or exclusively distributed by Netflix, the 2005 Roald Dahl adaptation “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is also in the ranking. (Perhaps all the coverage of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial has influenced people’s streaming choices of late.)

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9. “Marmaduke” (Netflix)

7. “Toscana” (Netflix)

4. “Our Father” (Netflix)

1. “Senior Year” (Netflix)

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