A Personal Letter To My Friend Who Supports Trump: Girlfriend, You're Being Conned

I wrote this in response to a friend, I think it's worth sharing:

I appreciate that, and I have met him too. He was, whatever-pompous-but-fine when I did and spent some time talking to him at a birthday party here in the Hamptons. Then again at an event. We have some mutual friends.

I also know the guy who my ex -- the Attorney General of New York -- had been suing on behalf of the people for scamming them out of hard earned money for Trump University, which was seemingly a complete fraud. He goes to court on that one on my birthday. I know the behind the scenes garbage and intimidation Trump was trying to pull when he got caught breaking the law and stealing and was charged.

This is also a man that, whether you want to believe that a woman would lie about rape, has now had multiple women come out, and if you still want to believe that the women are all full of crap and made it up, he is on camera saying "I just grab 'em by the pussy." That isn't locker room talk. I know plenty of men who say crude sexual things about women, but never like that. That's direct sexual predator speak, and suggests unwanted aggressive touching as being commonplace. It's forceful language, and yet, I don't understand how people can still think "Rape? Naaaah. These women all want attention."

Trump has an actual court date for RAPING A CHILD... that is a fact. Not my political opinion.

God forbid some old creep grabbed your daughter by her vagina when she turns 13 because he thinks it's funny. I know what your husband would do.

I mean, did Hillary mishandle emails? Yeah. But what was in those? Everyone is going nuts over emails, that although it was a mistake -- I'd like to see the Bush administration's emails during the Iraq war (they "lost" 22 MILLION EMAILS) --but no one says anything about that.

The worst Wikileaks could come up with was that "Al Gore didn't like her." What. A. Bombshell.
Show me an email with her selling secrets to the Russians. Something I can dig my teeth into. Oh, I'm sorry... in this witch hunt you mean no one found anything of any incriminating substance that showed her blatantly breaking the law? Oh. I see.

This new "investigation"? The emails weren't written by her, they weren't even on her computer... and everyone again is going nuts.

You would choose mishandling emails, over someone going to trial in a month for child rape who claims to grab women "by the pussy", is again going to trial on racketeering charges and fraud on November 28, has 75 pending lawsuits, made fun of John McCain -- a great war hero -- because he was a POW, and said, a direct quote: "He's not a war hero... he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

He then insulted a Gold Star Family whose son lost his life saving his platoon. He also said that servicemen and women who come home with PTSD or are suicidal are "weak," while having cowardly managed to draft dodge the war himself and never serve a day. Neither did either of his very physically capable yet useless sons. No one served.

Are they above it because they're rich? My little brother went to Iraq and took his chances at dying for our country, but I guess when you live on Park Avenue, you let the "other" people do that... then you don't pay their salaries and make fun of them. That's a man fit to run the military? He has zero respect for our military and he can talk all the "for our troops" bullshit he wants... the proof is in his actions.

Quite simply: If you are for our troops, you are against Donald Trump.

Hillary at least had a hand in murder alright -- y'all have got her there. The man she helped kill was Osama Bin Laden. Not someone I'm crying over exactly. If that's our murderer, I'll take it.

This is a man who refuses to release his taxes -- never been done before. Why? Because he doesn't pay any and calls himself "smart" for it. I'm sure your husband would like to keep the money that comes out of his check too, but he pays taxes. For things like roads we drive on, public schools, parks we play in with our kids, police officers, firefighters, and our military. Our taxes pay their salaries. Trump uses them. But wants you to pay.

I could go on and on about the racism and misogyny: it's been done -- but by the way, here's what I'd like to know, since Evangelicals love him so: when did he become this terrific Christian?

He attacks Hillary for staying married, keeping her family together and keeping her vows even when things got tough... yet he's the "family guy"?

He cheated on his first wife while they had three little ones, divorced her for a bikini model, then divorced her, married Melania, and just a few weeks after they were married, he's on tape saying he just tried to "fuck" some woman. He was a newlywed. Are those the kind of "family values" you all hold so dearly?

And please, don't even start on Bill Clinton and his infidelity, last I checked he wasn't running for president, and girl... have you ever been cheated on? What would you think of someone who blamed you for it? How on earth does that even make sense to anyone? If anything, it shows her strength to decide to keep her marriage together and forgive him. Those are far more Christian values than multiple cheating and two divorces.

The sins of her husband are not hers to bear. So please, just stop.

I could go on and on about racism and misogyny, but it's all been said.

What I'd really like to know is what church has he been attending for the last ten years? Does he go every Sunday? Who is his lifelong pastor? Haven't seen one of those come out and say "here's a man who has been in our parish doing good deeds and a consistent Christian for over two decades." Nope. His wedding to Marla was at the Plaza Hotel, Melania was at Mar-a-Lago. Certainly not houses of worship.

He was a Democrat who was pro-choice his whole life, until he decided that pro-life would poll better, and I suspect he became a "good Christian" when that would poll better too. It just goes on and on. There are records of these things.

And so, emails? Really? This isn't about emails. People hate Hillary because she rubs them the wrong way and she's a terrible candidate, who has run an awful campaign. But she has a lifetime of service under her belt, and a proven track record. Some mistakes were made, but she's been at this her entire life.

It's hard to fight against someone who has no record except as a failed businessman -- his property in Canada just went under today. He has never had to make a decision that would affect the world: Hillary has been faced with many. The only thing he's ever successfully done is host a reality game show... and that is why he's winning votes now. He's putting on a show and conning you all just the same.

One last thing: the Donald Trump I know had his office reach out to me while my little brother was deployed to Iraq. Would I come speak at a fundraiser for our troops with other military members and families? I said yes -- but it all sounded kind of vague. I went anyway, and when I got to the venue, they were asking us to sign releases at the door. It was for his reality show and I had been lied to. They weren't doing anything for the troops. I was sickened and left.

That's the opportunist I know. He isn't going to help you, or this country. You may know him sorta because your brother-in-law is famous, but he wouldn't let the average American shine his shoes... and we both know that's the truth.

All politicians lie. All politicians make shady deals. It's gross. But not all politicians are being tried for rape and fraud in court. With no experience but running his mouth and running his businesses into the ground.

Make America great again? Why not start by making your crappy ties in America instead of China, dude?

How could he bring back jobs when he himself outsources everything he sells?

You all are being seriously conned, and the hope I have in my heart is that on election day, you take a good hard look at yourself before you vote for someone like that.

I know Americans are better than that.
I know you have been dealt a bad hand as a Republican.
I am not asking you to vote for Hillary, I know that you won't -- and I respect that.
What I am asking is that you please not vote for Donald Trump.
You're better and smarter than that.