A Personal Message For Millennials By a Millennial

Dear Millennial,

In an opportunity ripe time, anything is possible for anyone.

But even with the resources at our fingertips, what is the biggest pain point we face day-in and day-out?

We want to live a purpose filled life where we feel fulfilled by who we are and what we are doing. We want every moment of every day to matter- to mean something and to result in greatness.

What if you had a unique purpose that only you could accomplish on this earth? What if you had a compass that directed you towards the True North of that unique purpose?

Currently, a large majority of millennials are floundering without that purpose. We bounce from one thing to another hoping to find something that fulfills us. In the end, we end up burning out and losing hope.

We are mixing up happiness with pleasure; where happiness is the pursuit of a worthwhile goal.

Dear Millennial, by Chelann Gienger, is a book that that ties it all together.

Dear Millennial, provides a compass to help millennials define the purpose that only they can accomplish on this earth and then gives them the tools to break down even the biggest of goals into realistic action steps.

Beyond that, Dear Millennial, takes it up a notch and helps the reader make a bulletproof plan to live a fulfilled life and create a legacy that lasts generations beyond them while living out that unique purpose.

The author, Chelann Gienger, takes you through this journey by telling her story of being a young entrepreneur. You will experience the real-life moments she had where she learned and was challenged to act out the very principles shared in Dear Millennial.

These stories make the book come alive with authenticity and passion. The stories prove that concepts in this book are powerful, and if they’re implemented, can be life-changing.

Dear Millennial, calls the millennial generation to a higher standard of greatness in every sphere of life. It’s a personable book to millennials, from a millennial.

So, let’s not waste one more day, let’s go on the journey of finding your unique purpose, living a fulfilled life, and building a legacy together.

The Bottom Line:

Dear Millennial, is a book calling the millennial generation to a higher standard of greatness. This personable and authentic book takes you on a journey of defining your unique purpose, living a fulfilled life and building a legacy to last generations beyond you. It’s filled with practical tools and knowledge told in an engaging, personable and story-like manner.

What other reviewers think:

KHOE: Dear Millennial is an excellent read and great advice coming from a millennial to millennials which deepens the perspective of this book. This book has inspired me to rewrite my goals and vision for my life, take a step outside myself and look at the big picture and the legacy I want to leave. Excellent book and a MUST read for all millennial and parents of millennials as well!

FRASER: Chelann gets it. As she points out in the book, most people live on autopilot. This book calibrates your mindset and calls you to act on what you ACTUALLY want rather than living on autopilot. Perfect for any young person struggling to find purpose.

KYLE: I wish I would have had this when I was younger. I'm still a Millennial, but this book would have been the best thing to happen to me at 19 years old. I remember feeling so lost and purposeless. I'm sure I'm not the only one that experienced this. If you're someone who is trying to find purpose and direction in your life, this is the perfect read for you! I love the touching stories and every chapter is filled with little gems that anyone can apply to their life.

Who wrote it?

Currently 20 years-old, Chelann Gienger is a serial entrepreneur focusing her ventures on inspiring and empowering others to chase their dreams and goals in life. At the age of 18, Chelann opened NUYU Juice Bar along with three other partners. To date, NUYU Juice Bar has served hundreds of customers on a weekly basis in Yakima, Washington.

Within a year of launching the juice bar, Chelann started the Entrepreneur Before 25 Podcast out of a desire to inspire and unite young and like-minded entrepreneurs. On the podcast, she interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who started their journey at the age of 25 and under.

Who will read it?

The millennial who doesn’t want to waste one more day floundering without living out their unique purpose and intentionally making every moment matter.

Opening lines:

“Dear Millennial, right from the start I want to make it clear who this book is for. This book is for the millennial who wants to live a different life than those who have gone before you. This book is for the millennial who wants to live a life of greatness. Not just in their professional or business life but their personal life as well. Most of all, this book is for the entrepreneurial millennial who doesn’t want to wake up in ten years with all the money in the world but no friends or good health to enjoy it. If you don’t fit these criteria, then chances are this book will be a boring read for you. But if I just described you, then welcome! I am so glad you’re here. Prepare yourself for a shift in perspectives and a new way to look at living.”

Notable passage:

“It’s the choices you make every day that determine what kind of life you will lead. Begin by seeing your own value. When you know who you are and begin to value everything you bring to the table, you will discover the confidence to forge the life you’ve always imagined, one decision at a time.”

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