A Plea to Stop the Yearly September 11-Worship

The terrorists who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and who are likely planning to do so again, must love that on September 11 every year we remind people about what they did. This is not to take anything away from those who lost loved ones and who are understandably still suffering because of the horrific tragedy. Mourning never ends for those who've faced unimaginable losses. However, the public, over-the-top displays each year must be heartwarming to evildoers who see us recognizing what they've accomplished. That's in addition to how we've allowed them to wreck our economy by ongoing wars in countries that either never had any relevance to September 11 or that don't now.

Dignified and respectful quietude speaks much louder than pomp and circumstance when it comes to remembering those who died. "Never forget" is correct. But the place to remember is in our hearts, not in lavish ceremonies.