A Poem For My Wonderful Mother on Mother's Day

With Mother's Day comes warmer weather, beautiful flowers and thoughts of summer days ahead. It comes with the May showers that we all need, but we're dreaming of sunshine. It also comes with warm hearts, beauty and thoughts of mom. My mother has blessed me with her beauty, grace and wisdom. If I ever need her, she is there and I am so grateful for her. She is the reason that I am the woman I am today. In honor of my mother, I wanted to share this heartfelt poem that I wrote.

A mother is a woman of courage and love,

She tells you to put your faith in God above.

She always tries to point you in the right direction,

She prays to God for you strength and protection.

There is a softness and steadiness in her voice.

She teaches, but lets you make your own choice.

She'll always be your mother, and becomes your friend,

A bond that will always continue, and never end.

She is supportive of your dreams and endeavors.

Her love and support will continue forever.

She is the earthly version of what angels must be.

She will always be an inspiration to me.

She loves her children and only wants the best.

My mother is the reason I am truly blessed.

When God made you, He threw away the mold.

Stronger than diamonds, a heart purer than gold.

You can never thank your mother for all she's done.

But knowing she's appreciated is truly step one.

She will always be the woman of my admiration.

Her life and her love are truly an inspiration.

Thank You Mom. And to my mother, and all the mothers out there, have a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day

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