A Poetic Tribute to Gingerbread Houses

Ginger, molasses, sugar and flour,
Add some butter and eggs and maybe an hour.
Baking time and cooling aside,
You'll have all the ingredients for a mighty sight.

Walls, doors, shingles and beams,
Made with frosting and gumdrops and candy canes, it seems.
From a miniature version to a life-size house,
Roofs and trees with loads of frosting, they're doused.

We'd be remiss not to mention that's not all,
Trains, planes and boats, oh look at them all!
Even the White House is getting in on the action,
I hope those aren't graham crackers from which it's fashioned!

Double story, single doors, balconies galore,
Trimmed lawns and wreaths, all we're missing is a dance floor.
Some of these houses, with their intricate entrances,
Are creations of such determination and diligence.

Lights glowing inside, the warmth emanating,
Santa's reindeer are already feasting.
For what else can be part of all holiday fun,
If not for sugars, glittering snow and a peppermint sleigh run?


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