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A message to those 47%: Become 100% engaged so a political duffer doesn't become a political winner.
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According to Governor Mitt Romney, "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims... My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

The abbreviated quote came from a man who is running to become President of the United States. Unreal, right? Wrong. Governor Romney believes there is only 53% of the voting populace that matters. It speaks volumes to the character and mindset of a candidate who resembles Gordon Gecko and how he would govern our nation. The fact he would express such contemptuousness and vulgarity with relative ease should make the country pause to see who the real Mitt Romney is as a human being.

For five years, Romney has been campaigning to obtain the title of President, but his 2012 campaign has become a national charade due to his own ineptitude and futility. It is difficult to fathom how a successful businessman is having such trouble in running his campaign efficiently. The fair question to be asked is: How is he going to able to lead a nation of over 300 million people? Truth be told, he outspent all of his opponents in the primary elections to be in his current position. There have been numerous leaders within the Republican establishment who feel he isn't one of them and unworthy of being the party's nominee.

Romney comes from a privileged background. It is neither his fault nor his burden, but it gives credence to how he thinks about the 47% he degraded in his speech to fellow millionaires. For the first time during his campaign, he seemed to be in his element and able to speak freely about his true convictions. As a result, American citizens were treated to a ringside seat of a candidate pledging allegiance to his wealthy friends and proving the point that he doesn't understand how the average Joe makes a living.

At the Republican National Convention, Ann Romney gave a heartwarming illustration of her husband to the country that seemed to humanize the oft putting candidate. But over the past three weeks, he has quickly deconstructed any notion of him becoming a credible alternative to the President. It has been a series of atrocious gaffes and a blueprint of how not to run a presidential campaign.

Watching the Romney campaign scramble to save face has been reminiscent of watching two abysmal football teams play each other. Fumble after fumble, interceptions, dropped passes and no one could move the ball. Why does he yearn to become president? It is quite apparent he wants the title of president, but not the task of being president. As President of the United States, you have an obligation to be the representative of every citizen not a percentage of a constituency who continues to flourish while others stay among the middle class and working poor.

There are 46 million people living in perpetual poverty in the United States and many more who reside in the middle class. The middle class is seeing their wages decline steadily each year while the impoverished remain among the voiceless. These citizens wouldn't stand a chance for survival in Governor Romney's vision of America. Any assistance the government gives enables these folks to have an opportunity to compete on equal playing field. To refer to them as victims does a great disservice to their stellar work ethic and insults the fiber of their being. If someone has never been around the struggle, it would be impossible for someone to understand it. This is precisely one of Governor Romney's ultimate problems with addressing the voting populace and their needs.

48 days remain in this election cycle and Governor Romney has yet to layout his grand plan for the country. It is unfathomable and unprecedented that a presidential nominee has made it this far in the race without giving any specifics on how he would govern. Perhaps it's because he has never had a plan and only wants to pander to the fringe of his political party to fulfill their wayward wishes. It is safe to say that Governor Romney has outdone himself with his latest bashing of people he deems as indolent and slothful. The sad fact is that half of the people he offended reside in states that will more than likely cast their votes for him.

The Republican Party has been forced to hold their respective noses while supporting a candidate they don't fully believe in. Their reliance on blind loyalty and voter suppression still gives Governor Romney a fighting chance despite his own missteps. It's inconceivable to see how a candidate with no substance, personality and political gravitas could become victorious, but in this unpredictable political climate anything is possible.

A message to those 47%: Become 100% engaged so a political duffer doesn't become a political winner.

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