A Positive Influence on Social Networking - by Deborah Levine

Innovation on social network that’s a positive influence on us deserves applause. “Influencer of the Month” is a contest associated with LinkedIn, but it’s not just a competition. it’s a strategy to counteract online bullying and harassment. Vladimir Kole is spearheading this project and when asked why he decided to create the contest, his explanation was unexpected. “It started with a harassment to a friend of mine by another LinkedIn member and I decided to empower my friend by making her popular so no one can dare and intimidate her anymore. The majority of nominees are women and it's our core existence.”

Vladimir chose LinkedIn to also maximize opportunities for nominees.

“It’s the most powerful social platform since it has the most professional members and if we start recognizing those who promote quality content and help other members better themselves by doing that we help in several ways: A. Promote a healthy contest that celebrates and encourages good content, B. People in general are influenced by positive or negative energy so we might as well encourage the positive so it becomes the norm here and then other platforms, and C. Help those influenced become influencers themselves by emulating what they learned and absorbed from the influencers we are featuring on our contest.”

Vladimir anticipates that the contest will become a model for social networks in a healthy and positive way.

“Ours is not a commercial-only objective like many social media platforms. It's an honest attempt to focus on quality influencers and shed some light on their work and quality ideas. We’re an idea marketplace!”

The nomination process began with Vladimir’s personal search for good content and identifying the positive candidates. When people learned about the contest they asked to join and started nominating.

“Now we have a portal on our site www.inspire.directory where people can enter the name of the nominee so everyone can see and if they are not comfortable doing that in public they can simply send a private email. The engagement level is highest when you ask the public who should be the next Influencer of the Month.”

The mission of the competition includes generating positive energy that lifts morale, encourages leadership and branding acumen.

“This is a marketplace for organizations who are looking for inspiration about who would be the next talent or service advertised and by pinpointing the nominees and announcing them in a public forum like www.inspire.directory it will be an opportunity for those nominees to be known to anyone desiring those talents. For example, if we nominate a writer on our page, this writer will have a greater chance of becoming the next big hit because everyone will know that this writer was picked for their quality work and great influence on like-minded readers. They just needed a stage, if you will, and that's what this is all about: an online theater where the best can compete to showcase their work!”

Thank you Vladimir for all that you do to protect & promote talent online. Here’s an admiring Shout Out from The Writers Guru.

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