A Powerful Wish

Last year one of our TED Prize winners Ed Burtynsky made a powerful wish at TED. He wanted to find a way of using his photography to make people think harder about our planet's future.

Now you can help him do that ...just by watching this incredible slideshow, and then sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Forward it on, link to it from your website, post it on your blog. (Yeah, I know... this isn't the first viral email request you've ever received... but this is a great opportunity to share with the world something both beautiful and important.)

Ed asked a really smart question when he was preparing his wish. How do you turn the emotional impact of his pictures into action? His solution has been to nudge his audience toward the fastest growing home on the web where people discover how we might create a sustainable future.... a site that, with financial help from TED and from Ed, is becoming an exhilarating force for good. That site is, whose co-founder Jamais Cascio is speaking at TED next week... a site which is now an official TED partner.

So please switch off email and phone for 90 seconds, and click the video on this page. Then share its power as widely as you can... and tell me what you've done. I want to publicly thank the best efforts at TED next week.

If the link doesn't open, navigate directly to:

Ed, thanks again for your inspiration and generosity in directing your wish this way. Michael Montes, thank you for the gorgeous, chilling soundtrack, and Bob Isherwood of Saatchi, thank you for the ingenious slideshow captioning.

Now let's show what the TED community can do to get this out there and make a remarkable photographer's wish come true!

Very best,

- Chris