A Prayer to the Bat-Shit Crazy God

We are in a rough patch right now.


It feels like nothing is working.

But here's the thing about hard times: they come and go, just like the tides.

Hard times don't last forever.

It's the same with You, God. Anxiety shows up, and not too long after that, Your peace washes over me.

Another bit of bad news arrives, and You remind me of all the times You've pulled me through before.

Hard days come. Hard weeks, too. BUT THEY DON'T LAST FOREVER.

So we keep holding on when life sucks. Because, if we're honest, the whole premise of Christianity is pretty bat-shit crazy.

But we trust in a bat-shit crazy God who loved three Hebrew boys enough to show up in the midst of the fire.

We trust in a bat-shit crazy God who walked on water to prove that He would never let us sink beneath the weight of difficult seasons.

We trust in a bat-shit crazy God who parted oceans, raised dead men to life, and constantly brought something out of nothing.

Bring something out of our nothingness, God.

And in the waiting, remind us that our present struggle is no match for Your infinite wisdom, eternal patience, and boundless love.


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